With 84% of marketers believing that building trust will be their primary online focus for 2017, the importance of doing everything RIGHT is stronger than ever.

It’s true that 4 out of 5 people have received advice, or a recommendation on Social Media when looking to purchase a product/service.

Social Media Marketing has now become a leading way for businesses to make money online (myself included) but, is there something you could be doing better? We are always going to make mistakes, but I am here to help you avoid that when it comes to Social Media Marketing and not only share my experience around what to do, but also how to FIX them.

Here are 5 ways you might be failing at Social Media Marketing and MY advice on how to fix them.

1. Ignoring Your Social Media Followers

Over 40% of Social Media users expect a response from a brand on Social Media within 60 minutes. Ignoring your followers, and refusing to offer customer support is something that a lot of brands are doing, and it really decreases the trust, and transparency of a brand.

Regardless of whether the mentions are positive or negative, they need to be addressed.

Solution: Use Hootsuite to monitor your mentions, and people talking about your brand online; you don’t want to miss a thing. For negative mentions, offer an apology, and take the interaction off of the social network as soon as possible, and open up communication via email.

2. Bragging

Social Media Marketing is not all about YOU; it’s about your CUSTOMERS. A massive 45% of Social Media users will unfollow a brand because they talk about themselves too much. Try not to do too much self-promotion, and share what your audience say about you instead.

Solution: In simple; talk less about you, and more AROUND your industry. It’s ALL about the customer, so use Feedly and Alltop to find content they will love rather than talking about your business.

3. Spreading Yourself Too Then

Social Media Marketing is not about attacking every social network, and hoping for success; you have to start from the ground up. This is one of the biggest mistakes I see from Small Businesses; spreading themselves too thin.

If you are a one man band, or only have up to 3 employees, you may not have the time to focus on 4-6 social networks on a daily basis.

Solution: Choose one or two social networks, and focus on building your following, and making them a success before moving onto the next network.

4. Unhelpful, and Irrelevant Content

I take great pride in all the content I share online, regardless of whether it’s written by me, or someone I respect in my industry. On a daily basis, you must make sure that the content you are sharing is what your audience is looking for from you.

Solution: Feedly, and Alltop are two tools I use to find great content that is relevant to my industry, and my audience. Always make sure you read the content before you share it because blog titles can be misleading.

If you want to write better quality articles, ASK your audience what they want from you in the form of polls, questionnaires and engaging in a two-way conversation.

5. Failing To Measure Your Activity

Without measuring your success online, how do you know if what you are currently doing is working for you? I always make sure to track the links I share inside of Social Media, as well as using lead generation through Openr to gather information on the engagement rate of my audience.

Solution: Start using Google Analytics, and integrate my Social Media Dashboards, to track and measure how much of your traffic is coming from Social Media, and whether this is converting for you. Don’t forget to also use each social network’s own analytical dashboard to give you the data you need.

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