With two new members joining every second, 106 million unique monthly users and 40% of it’s users checking their profiles daily, it’s safe to say that LinkedIn is the most important B2B social network.

It’s 2017, and LinkedIn are starting the year off with a brand new look. You may have to wait just a little bit longer before your LinkedIn profile gets the “redesign” but before it does, I thought I would share with you what you can expect from the B2B social network.

The Look

Your first 2017 look at LinkedIn will be different to how you saw it in 2016. One of the biggest changes from LinkedIn is how the platform looks.

Whilst you still have the usual features (profile picture, headline, summary) the biggest change you will see is is in the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” section of your profile. The statistics are displayed differently, giving you a better view of what’s most important; traffic to your profile.

B2B Social Network LinkedIn


LinkedIn have done their research, and completely changed their navigation. The main navigation bar will now consist of not just text, but icons too. You will also notice that “messaging” and “notifications” has been promoted from a secondary location, to the main, primary area. The “profile” menu has now been renamed to “me” and the interests section is not visible in the main menu bar.

LinkedIn Messaging

LinkedIn have made their messaging platform similar to the likes of Facebook Messenger and Google Chat, where it sits on the bottom right of the screen, as opposed to an on-page position.

LinkedIn Learning

Did you know that LinkedIn acquired learning platform Lynda.com? This was a big step for LinkedIn in the direction of giving it’s users a place where they can stay up-to-date with industry information. LinkedIn Learning is going to provide professionals with great educational resources to help them develop their careers.

Interest Feed

The LinkedIn homepage feed will have a different feel, but the biggest difference will be the Interest Feed. This new feature will automatically aggregate news and information specific to your industry, your network and your interests. To filter out the noise inside of LinkedIn, the Interest Feed will give you the information most important to you.

The new look will be rolled out to all users very soon and I think this is a great step forward for LinkedIn by making the platform more user-friendly, and less archaic.

What do you think about the new LinkedIn changes?

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