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The second edition of Think #Digital First is an updated, and revised version of the original “Marketing Book Of The Year Finalist”; Think #Digital First.

The information I had previously shared around the digital leadership had changed. The tools I had shared were either no longer in business, or had been outperformed by competitors. I knew that because the online world had evolved, that I also wanted to completely re-write the book, and bring it as up-to-date as possible.

Think #Digital First Second Edition is a workbook designed for executives, business owners and managers that shares with them the importance of having the right mindset to focus on technology, sales, and marketing.

I have analysed exactly what my audience wants from me, and I have taken what was a readable book and turned it into a workbook. The way you learn has evolved, and I knew that I needed to do something different and unique. The second edition of Think #Digital First is a unique combination of how-to’s and real-time worksheet implementation.

Digital leadership – The Future of Business (coming soon)

Think Digital First methodology focuses on Digital Leadership and an organisations Culture and Customer.

Digital leadership encompasses the strategic and operational aspects of an individual to produce game-changing results by taking full advantage of the business opportunities presented by new and emerging technologies.

Few industries are safe from the threat of competitive and technological change, and the pace of that change in the digitised world can be overwhelming. Warrens new book on Digital Leadership will help you to identify both the potential strategic threats and the opportunities for growth presented by the principles of disruptive technology.