Think Digital First focuses on clients’ most critical issues and opportunities when going through a digital transformation to deliver training seminars and workshops to executives across all industries and regions.

We bring functional expertise and depth of knowledge, but are known for our holistic perspective, understanding how each area connects with another, and with overall business strategy. Our world-class trainer, Warren Knight, will provide the knowledge transfer expertise your organisation needs to achieve sustainable success.

Proven seminars and workshops are certified by the CPD, and are tailored and customised to your organisation’s specific requirements and objectives.

I recently attending a 3-day Digital Leadership course delivered by Warren and found it incredibly useful, inspiring and thought provoking. Warren’s knowledge, experience and delivery was first-class. The takeaways from the course will prove most valuable to my work over the next two or three years. Warren created the perfect balance between learning, conversations and discovery. What a genially lovely guy too!!

Adrienne Topping, Group Brand & Marketing Communications Manager - Sharp Business Systems UK Plc

I heard Warren speak at a PSA event in London and loved listening to him. Not only does he have a great energy on the stage but his content about the digital world, building brand awareness and how best to use social media has given me a lot to think about in terms of marketing my business.

Madeleine Black, International speaker, TEDx Speaker, author and psychotherapist

Thoroughly enjoyed Warren’s Digital Leadership course. Great insights, delivered in an enabling and engaging fashion. So many things to take back and implement, for both my business and myself. Inspirational!

Chris Brown, Award-winning Digital Innovator and Disruptor

Why Warren?

Warren’s passion for helping people Think Digital First, and decades of business experience both in the corporate world and with fast-paced technology start-ups, gives him the ability to think organically. Warren connects the dots and takes his audience on a journey of entertaining while educating.

He will completely transform not only the way you think about the future of business but how to approach your entire business model, competitive strategy and role as a digital leader.

After hearing Warren you will…

Have a thorough understanding of 4.0 digital age opportunity, how to move forward, execute and measure both culture and customer success.

Feel motivated to take action as a true digital leader and be inspired by new possibilities and opportunities in today’s ever changing digital world.

Be an industry firestarter (brand advocate) by ensuring your core values are aligned with your organisations vision of the future.

Brands we work with

Toshiba | Think Digital First
Prudential Life Assurance |Think Digital First
RoyalMail | Think Digital First
Brother |Think Digital First
Capita |Think Digital First
Shell |Think Digital First
Dermalogica |Think Digital First
National Bank of Oman |Think Digital First
Garmin |Think Digital First
Brittany-Ferries |Think Digital First
Dominos |Think Digital First
GSK |Think Digital First

How can we work together?

  • Become a Certified Digital Leader

  • 3-Day Training “Digital Transformation & Innovation”

  • 3-Day Training “Digital Leadership; The Future of Business”

  • Design a 3-Year Digital Transfromation Roadmap

  • Receive Warren’s latest 2nd edition book Think #Digital First.

  • Warren to contribute to your press release regarding your event

  • Warren to write an article for you to post as a blog on your website

  • Warren to contribute to a Livestream/Podcast

  • Market the event to over 100,000 connections online and 10,000 email database.

To find out more about Warren and see how he can add real value to your audience, please contact Debra by filling in your contact details.

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Emerging digital technologies have the potential to reshape the world in which we live and work. They can be game changers, creating entirely new products and services while shifting pools of value between producers, or from producers to consumers.

Leaders across organisations of all shapes and sizes must be ‘digitally ready’ – to know what’s on the horizon and start preparing and planning for it now. Warrens keynote presentations, training and coaching will help you help you to leverage technology.



The digital revolution is about more than just powerful technology. In a culture of innovation, technologies like mobile apps, the Internet-of-Things, block chain, augmented and virtual reality, and artificial intelligence are freeing people with the right skills to explore and
experiment with new ideas.

Digital transformation is at the core of Think Digital First’s experience. Warren will help your workforce make the most of technology to achieve the results your organisation needs for a successful digital future.



Sustainable, future-facing organisations need to recruit and build a workforce able to think clearly and rationally, and develop a culture which encourages independent thought, analysis and problem solving. Critical thinking facilitates innovation and drives business

Fortunately, critical thinking ability requires a combination of skills which can be learned, and Think Digital First will help develop your workforce’s ability to use information to build a stronger business.



Traditional data processing software is inadequate when it comes to mining high data volumes for transformative business information. Dealing effectively with high-volume data storage, analysis and processing in order to reap the business benefits requires expertise and infrastructure.

Think Digital First’s globally recognised expert will train and nurture your workforce through the process of adopting technological innovations to drive high performance growth.


Cyber Security and
Computer Forensics

Comprehensive measures are required to protect systems, networks and data from unauthorised activity, or from criminal access like malware or phishing. For your business to benefit from developments in cloud solutions, BYOD or omni-channel marketing, as the threats evolve, so must your counter-measures, to prevent cyber-attack and ensure business continuity, data security and reputation.

Our expert trainer will ensure your workforce is kept abreast of the latest technologies, processes and controls.



To realise your company vision, your business strategy will need to encompass how your organisation will create and deliver value to existing and future customers in your market, as well as in a wider economic, cultural and social context.

Think Digital First’s world class expert will deliver training to enable your business leaders to build robust and accurate and business models, to deliver tangible and sustainable business benefits.



Today’s customer already relies on mobile technology to deliver their buying preferences. Mobile friendly, responsive websites, apps and facilities like mobile payments put your customers’ needs at the centre of your business activity, and, properly managed, offer the opportunity to deliver a seamless brand experience whilst capturing essential data.

Think Digital First’s trainer will demystify mobile technologies and enable businesses to adopt those which will win them business success.



Your customers are the source of real growth. Think Digital First combines in-depth customer insights with practical expertise in operations and economics to enable your business to create sustainable, organic growth. Successful businesses stay ahead of the curve with trends in social media, omni-channel marketing and developing platforms.

Warren Knight simplifies the complex into straightforward business language, enabling your workforce to adopt more effective digital marketing strategies and tools.



The planning, development and implementation of adopting innovative practices and disruptive technology across your organisation will require staff skilled in managing multiple projects and strands. They will need to be knowledgeable about the technologies involved, as well as being adept at leading and managing culture change.

Think Digital First will train your business leaders, project and line managers in the core competencies they need to drive and manage change.


About Warren Knight

Warren is a Top 100 Global Influencer and professional speaker, trainer, coach on Digital Leadership and a Digital Transformation (DX) strategist, he’s an award-winning technology entrepreneur with 12 years digital experience and author of Think #Digital First. His vision is to help 100,000 companies go through a profound digital transformation of their cultural “personality” and customer “experience” by 2021

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