In the last 12 months, I have really understood the importance of the word “nurture”. It is not as easy as putting your business online, driving sales and voila; you have a successful business. Time, and money is what it takes to not only win new customers, but also to nurture them along the way so that they become returning customers, and move into you customer retention funnel.

Nurturing your audience is something that hasn’t been discussed as much as it should be in the world of digital marketing. Whilst you may be still playing catch up, frantically working on your social media marketing, don’t forget that social media WILL NOT fix a broken business and if you don’t know how to nurture your customers, chances are they will go elsewhere.

Today, I am going to be sharing with you five amazing ways to nurture and win new customers using techniques which have delivered results for myself, and my clients.


Just this month alone, I have delivered 4 different webinars; 1 to my audience, and the other three to the databases of three different channel partners. It works like this;

  1. An email is sent from the channel partner to their database about my webinar
  2. They sign up to my webinar (with their name and email address)
  3. They attend my webinar, free of charge and have access to my downloads, and the webinar recording
  4. They connect with me on social media, where they find out more information about me
  5. They receive a personalised email from me, thanking them for attending, and how they can find out more information.
  6. They receive two follow up emails over the course of 7 days, where they can continue learning from me, through my digital academy.
  7. They have been nurtured, and decide to make a purchasing decision.

Become a Professional Speaker

When I started my journey as a professional speaker close to 8 years ago, my goal was to speak at an event, in front of a packed room with an audience that engages with me, and ultimately becomes a client. This is something I achieve every time I step on a stage at an event or trade show.

Becoming a professional speaker is a great way to nurture and win new customers. This automatically builds trust as your target customer is attending an event you’re speaking at, and when they give their time to hear your talk, they do it knowing they trust the event, and therefore they trust what you have to say. Offer something at the end of your talk, where you can then ask for a name, and email address to continue your journey in nurturing that lead and turning them into a paid customer.

Side Product Marketing

How much do you know about side product marketing?

I am a social media and digital marketing expert that specialises in business growth within small businesses. This is what I do, BUT, there are multiple ways I can market what I do.

I have many downloads on my website that I give away free of charge, as part of my side product marketing. I have a simple & effective social media guide that once you give me your name and email address, you get to download. You then become a part of my email marketing strategy where I can market my services.

This is a great way to nurture your target audience. Give them something THEY want completely FREE of charge so that they can see you want to help them. In return, you get their name and email address, and add them to your email marketing channel where they are nurtured even further until they have made a decision to spend their hard earned cash with you.

Listen To Your Customers

One of the best ways to nurture your target market is to listen to them, and deliver what they want. I do this two different ways;

  1. Run a poll on Twitter
  2. Use Google Forms to create a survey/questionnaire for them to fill out

I usually offer something for free in return for their feedback (when using a survey/questionnaire) as their time is just as precious as mine… and knowing this will earn you serious trust.

Offer Incentives

Incentives are a great way to make your customer feel special. Give them a deadline so that they know you mean business, but also let them know they get a nice discount (maybe 25% or more) for understanding it is time sensitive, and making the jump.

At this point, they should already know you from connecting with you face-to-face or online. Don’t ever expect a freezing cold lead to purchase from the first “touch”. On average, it takes 5 “touches” before a customer will considering purchasing from you.

I hope what I have shared above will help you nurture and win new customers. If you’re reading this, chances are you know who I am, and what I do. If you would like to discuss further how I can help you with your business, please contact me here.


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