Creating content for your social media platforms can be time consuming enough, so why spend
more than you need on planning how to use it?

It is important to have a clear idea of how and when you want to distribute content on your social
media channels, but it is also imperative that it doesn’t sound contrived.

Not only that, but due to the ever expanding and changing nature of these networking sites it is easy
to become inundated with it all. It is crucial that you are targeting your customers regularly but cost

That’s why this guide to creating an effective social media plan in less than 30 minutes is so handy.

Gather Your Content

First off, it is important that you have gathered relevant content in one easily accessible place. Part
of being able to complete a plan in 30 minutes is being able to access the information you want to
share quickly.

Which Is Your Best Channel

It is also important that you know which social media channel works best for you. Out of my 100,000+
followers LinkedIn and Twitter is where the majority of my followers are based and so I make sure I
engage regularly on these two platforms and share my latest news. After reading the below, which
platform is most suited to your business and target audience?

Social Media in 30 Minutes


After deciding which platform works best, you need to determine when and how regularly you want to schedule your posts. This can be done using Hootsuite, my personal favourite

How often you should post (more if you know your audience engage well with your updates): Social media in 30 minutes

When to post (typically):

when to post on Social Media

However, as your following grows it will become easier to get a tailored idea of the best times to target your audience using the platform’s insights.

30 Minute Social Media Plan

  1. 60 minutes of preparation for seven days of content (Average 9 minutes a day)

Social Media

On a Monday morning spend 60 minutes preparing your content and schedule it to go out using Hootsuite across multiple social networks. This way you only need to spend your time engaging with people for the rest of the week.

  1. Spend three minutes at 9 a.m., 1 p.m., and 5 p.m. to scan and reply to messages = 9 minutes

This should be done on a daily basis. Two-way conversations with your followers are imperative to retaining relationships and creating a more personal connection.

Social Media

  1. Spend two minutes to retweet and share content = 2 minutes a day

Sharing content by thought leaders in your industry is a great way to round your profile and ensure that you’re not always talking about you. The biggest reason a person will unfollow a business is because they talk too much about themselves.

Social Media

  1. Spend five minutes following five new people = 5 minutes a day

Organic growth is important for retaining followers that are interested in what you post, which takes time and persistence.

  1. Analyse your success = 5 minutes a day

This should be done at the end of the week so that you can prepare and adjust the content you are sharing for the week ahead.



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