As a business, there are so many different types of tools that you should be using to help your business grow. I have already covered a number of research and business tools, including Soovle, Google Docs, Freelancer, Feedly, Alltop and Social Mention. There are many more research and business tools that you should consider for your business and you can find these in my just released book; Think #Digital First.

For this weeks #TechTuesday blog, I wanted to share some important design/visual tools that you should be using for your business.

PicMonkey: is a great image creation which I have been using for a long time. If you want to add some text to an already existing tool free of charge, PicMonkey is for you.

Canva: is deemed as good as Photoshop by some of the best designers in the industry. With great features and already existing images to use, you can create a professionally looking image in a matter of seconds. 99% of all visuals on my website, were created in Canva.

Snapseed: if you want to adjust and add filters to your photos, this is the smartphone app for you. It is convenient on-the-go and can be fun at the same time. is one of the best tools to use when you want to create an infographic. With existing templates, you just need to do your research and find great information and you can have a great piece of marketing material in less than an hour.

99designs: if you are time short and have decided that you can’t focus on the designing side of your business, use this tool to find someone to help you. There is a process you need to go through which is run through a competition with an uploaded brief. You can be inundated with hundreds of designs to choose from. Your favourite design is the winner of the competition.

Why are Design/Visual tools so important?

1. Save Money

Using the above tools will help your business save money when it comes to creating images. Using PicMonkey and Canva to create simple images for your business and cost effective services like 99designs are one of the best ways to save money.

2. Appearance is Everything

Your website is the most important marketing tool you have and if the design work is not of high quality, your business will ultimately suffer.

3. First Impressions Matter

People are more likely to remember what they see, than what they read. Make sure the first thing they see is a well crafted visual, which can easily be done via any of the mentioned tools.

What tools do you use to create your visuals?


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