In the world that I live in, I do have to spend a lot of time checking out new apps and tools. Whilst this can be time consuming and somewhat boring, that isn’t the case for the app I am talking about today.

As soon as I started using #AdobePost I knew I was addicted. This new tool allows you to create beautiful visuals for social media in a matter of seconds… literally. Check out the below video. If visual marketing is important to your business, this is a definite must have tool which you can install on your smartphone completely free of charge.

Adobe introduced their new version of this visual marketing tool earlier this month, and has received great reviews from industry thought leaders. This tool is also great for a business of any size.

Why is #AdobePost so great?

Non-Square Formats

One of the best features about this tool is that you can design an image using the correct sizes for images on each social network, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. They have also catered for social headers, covers, blog graphics, LinkedIn banners, Facebook Ads and YouTube thumbnails. So yes, you can use this tool for EVERYTHING social.

Auto Resize

#AdobePost allows you to instantly resize your image in a matter of seconds. You post will automatically adjust in real time based on your specifications. This means you can use the exact same design for visual marketing on multiple social networks, without having to manually resize them yourself.


Just like Instagram, and other photo editing apps, Adobe Post has a great range of filters. There are 8 general filters, but double clicking on a filter will give you different variations based on colour intensity. You can also add text over your images.

The great thing about Adobe Post is that you can use one of their already existing templates, rather than uploading your own visual.

The app is completely free of charge – all you have to do is create an Adobe account, which can be done by simply logging in via Facebook once inside the app.

I finally have a smartphone version of Canva and I think it’s going to be hard for another company to come close to what Adobe has created.

You can read more about Adobe Post, and how you can use it for your visual marketing here.

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