Sharing content on social media can be complicated, especially as you have to approach each social network differently. For you to utilise social media for your business, follow the below tips to help you create the perfect social media post.


When it comes to creating a great blog post, you need to look at;

  • Engaging Title; you need to grab people’s attention if you want it to be shared
  • First Paragraph; keywords must be featured in the first paragraph
  • Relevant Image; increase engagement by adding an image to your blog post
  • Word Count; your blog post should be between 300-600 words
  • Call to Action; linking to another post or asking the reader to make a decision
  • Links; direct readers to past content on your site
  • Social Sharing; share across all your social platforms


To create the perfect Facebook post, read the below image;



Twitter is a completely different social network, and needs to be seen as such. Here is how you can create the perfect Twitter post;

  • Call to Action; let your readers know what you want them to do
  • Punctuation; you only have 140 characters. Don’t sacrifice grammar to save characters
  • Shorten URLs; use either Hootsuite’s shortener or
  • Format; questions, facts and figures are great ways to engage
  • Mentions; boost your online influence by engaging with those who mention you
  • Retweet; leave around 20 characters so that people can include their message when they retweet yours
  • Image; increase engagement by adding an image


Make sure you know how to utilise Pinterest by reading the below image;



Don’t know much about Google+? Here is how you should use it to post your content online;

  • Tags Brands and People; this is a great way to bring attention to your post
  • Hashtagging; your page’s reach will increase when using relevant hashtags
  • Trending Topics; the “hot topics” are an engagement based forum which you should be a part of
  • Use Images; use a full sized image (800 x 600 px) to make your post stand out
  • Interact; when you get a comment, make sure you reply back
  • Find Communities; build engagement where your target market hang out


Image based social networking site, Instagram has a lot of potential for your business to build an online presence. See below;



Last but not least, YouTube;

  • Catchy Title; this is the first thing people will see before they click on your video
  • Uploading; the file you upload must have a catchy title rather than MOV1.mp4.
  • Description; your description must be keynote rich
  • Use Tags; to improve your video’s visibility, use relevant tags

Don’t know when to post on social media? Take a look below

Social Media Posting

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