When something happens in the world of social, its hard not to write about it and the just released news around Twitter and Google definitely needed a mention. Twitter and Google have to come to an agreement for Tweets to be visible in Google Search.

There have been rumours about Google potentially buying Twitter, which could still happen however, it seems they want to work together, as two separate entities. This agreement is part of Twitter’s plans to get tweets in front of more non-users, to generate more revenue from advertising, according to CEO; Dick Costolo.

Before this deal, Google has had to crawl through twitter for the desired results however, they now have the algorithm from Twitter to automate this through Google Search.

Tweets will now be visible on Google Search, as soon as they are posted and I’m not surprised to say that Twitter’s shares have increased in value and it’s definitely no coincidence.

There is however, no advertising revenue involved in the deal between the two companies suggesting that Twitter will receive data-licensing revenue.

Anthony Noto, Twitter’s CFO said;

“At the company’s analyst meeting in November that it had been working to make tweets easier to find through search engines, and negotiating with search providers could be a unique opportunity to distribute tweets to more people.”

The arrangements of this deal are already taking place, with engineers from Twitter and Google working together to bring this new feature to the digital world as soon as possible.

Not everyone was happy with this arrangement. According to sources, Twitter’s former COO; Ali Rowghani wanted to keep more control over Twitter’s content as it lapsed and felt that they would lose control over how their content is displayed.

I personally think this is a great move for Twitter and Google. This will give small businesses the opportunity to reap even more benefits from social activity, when it is viewed on Google. Keyword importance has just skyrocketed, thanks to this new partnership between Google and Twitter.

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