Getting sales is the most important part of your business because without making money, you’re business will not survive. Social Media has now become an integral part of a business’s customer acquisition journey however, understanding how to achieve sales through social can be difficult. Here are 6 simple steps to help you do that.

  1. Listen

There are around 6,000 tweets sent a second. It is impossible to listen to every single tweet, facebook post, instagram upload, google+ update and pinterest pin on the world wide web, so you need to find a way to hone in on what’s important. Make it someone’s priority to listen in on the below.

  1. Engage

Once you have listened, you then need to engage. To make a target customer want to purchase your product/service, you need to humanise your business through engagement. Sales, Marketing and Customer service are the three reasons why you should be engaging online.

Engaging Online

  1. Measure

To know where you’re engagement is converting into sales, you need to measure your online activity across all social networks. How many people are sharing your posts? How many clicks are you getting on every link you share? How many mentions are you getting on social media? These are just three pieces of information you should be measuring.

  1. Integrate

Social media won’t fix a broken business and by this I mean that if it stands alone, it will fall alone. It needs to be integrated into all other aspects of your business for it to have a positive impact on your sales.

  1. Collaborate

To be seen as a thought leader in your industry to drive more social sales, you need to collaborate. By this I mean allow your customers to talk to each other to give their feedback on your products. By working with your customers, your product/service will increase in value.

  1. Don’t Just Sell… Help

Social media isn’t about sharing content that is sales orientated. 20% of your social media acitivty should be about YOUR BUSINESS and the further 80% should be focused on sharing your expertise. Always be honest when sharing content and make your customers lives easier by being as helpful as possible.

How many sales are you making from social media?

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