Did you know: there are over 1.65 billion monthly active Facebook users, and 1.09 billion log into their Facebook DAILY?

Facebook has, and always will be “The Social Network”. It has the largest following, was the first to take social to a whole new level and is always staying as innovative as possible. The biggest issue I find with Facebook is that whilst they are always introducing new features, it can be difficult to understand what they TRULY mean for an average user like myself.

Facebook’s news feed has always been the main selling point of the social network and changes are always being made. Just recently, Facebook announced a minor change that will significantly impact how content will show up in your news feed.

As a user, your Facebook news feed will show you content from the friends you care about and less from pages you are following. This change is explained through their core values, which I will share with you below.

“Friends and Family Come First”

As mentioned above, Facebook are now prioritising posts based on close family and friend relationships. The algorithm will take data from your Facebook to understand your preferences, and the types of posts you engage with most. These posts will then be moved to the top of your Facebook news feed.

“A Platform For All Ideas”

Facebook try to connect people with ideas, and stories that they find most meaningful. Facebook have said they don’t just choose news articles that they world should read about, but more personalised content that is specific to the user.

Facebook have said they they do not favor specific types of ideas, they do try to keep users in their Facebook news feed for as long as possible by sharing stories they are most interested in.

“Authentic Communication”

Facebook stand by the idea of being truthful, and not sharing stories that are misleading, sensationalised or false. Facebook have also stated that they are not in the game or sharing hoax stories, and will not fuel the fire is one does happen to go viral.

“You Control Your Experience”

You have full control of your Facebook account. You can decide what to like, who to unfollow, who to hide and who you want to prioritise. Hiding posts will suggest to Facebook that you are less likely to read content shared by that person so the Facebook news feed will act accordingly.

“Constant Iteration”

Facebook will never be finished upgrading.  They are always quoted as saying their work is “1 percent finished” as they will always look at ways to continue improving their news feed algorithm, and other important features.

Unfortunately for Facebook Pages, things aren’t looking as good as they used to. As I briefly mentioned above, friends and family posts will be a priority over page posts. This means that you will most likely see a decline on your audience reach very, very soon.

What do you think about Facebook and their news feed update?

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