If you read my content on a weekly basis, you may remember an article I wrote in September of last year, talking about Facebook’s latest feature; Articles.

Facebook’s notes were upgraded, and turned into Facebook Articles. This new update made Facebook’s notes more attractive, and customisable.

This new update allows you to add a cover photo that is relevant to what you are posting online. You can also caption, resize photos and format your text into headers, quotes or bullet points.

Take this new update, and be intelligent with what you post. As you can see here, I have used Facebook’s notes to take a blog post, and share it with my community in full on Facebook. Actually, not JUST Facebook… but everyone else too.

All of the above is great, but I’m here to talk about Facebook’s more recent update, where their new WordPress plugin makes life a whole lot easier for bloggers using a WordPress site to publish instant articles.

Facebook collaborated with Automattic (parent company of WordPress) to bring this Plugin to users so that anyone using WordPress, can auto publish their articles onto Facebook.

If you are using a standard WordPress template, this is something that is readily available for you to use however, if you’re site is completely customised, and built by a developer using WordPress you will need to look at ways to extend the platform to support this feature… it shouldn’t be too difficult.

25% of all websites are WordPress, so this is a great step to revolutionising the way content is shared online. If WordPress see the value in working with Facebook and vice versa, it won’t be long until the other big social players follow suit.

This move from Facebook shows their hope in becoming an all-in-once news source, and I wouldn’t expect anything less from Zuckerberg!

This plugin will be available from the 12th April to use, but is now available to download and install.

If you are thinking about creating a website for the purpose of sharing written content, I would highly suggest looking into WordPress, as it is the easiest platform to use, completely free of charge (unless you want a special template) and has so many amazing plugins (just like the one mentioned above) that makes your publishing life a whole lot easier. Trust me, I have been using WordPress for close to 10 years and love how much control I have over my website and how it works.

Will you be using the new Facebook/Wordpress plugin?

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