Whilst I know that Facebook isn’t my desired social network for driving engagement and sales, that doesn’t mean I will ignore ways in which YOU can improve your Facebook news feed and overall engagement.

I have come across a great infographic from Robert Scoble who has done a great deal of research and experimentation into making his Facebook feed more useful for his community. As a result of this experiment, he has become a huge fan of Facebook and has received a lot of value from it.

Improving your Facebook news feed can be done and there are a number of tips (22 to be exact) in his infographic however, I wanted to share 7  of the ones I felt would most help you improve your Facebook news feed.

  1. Share targeted information

It is so important for your Facebook community that you are sharing information that you know they will want to listen to, and engage with. Targeted information that is relevant to your industry, and your target market is crucial.

#TechTuesday- 7 Top Tips For Improving Your Facebook News Feed

  1. Up to date profile information

Building trust is so important online, and one of the biggest issues that a customer will have with a brand is their misleading profile information. You must make sure your profile information is 100% up to date.

#TechTuesday- 7 Top Tips For Improving Your Facebook News Feed

  1. Remove privacy settings

If you are using Facebook as a business tool, you need to be able to reach as many people as possible which means you will need to turn off all of your privacy settings as you don’t want to stop people from following your news feed, or turn them off because it is “too hard” to follow you.

#TechTuesday- 7 Top Tips For Improving Your Facebook News Feed

  1. Make sure you engage

By engaging on Facebook I mean liking, sharing and having two way engagements through comments on both yours, and your friends Facebook posts. The posts that you are engaging on, will give Facebook an idea of the kind of posts you want to see in the future.

#TechTuesday- 7 Top Tips For Improving Your Facebook News Feed

  1. Hide things you don’t want to see

Hiding certain posts from your stream will let Facebook know that you are not interested in these kinds of posts and for future reference, will not overly expose them on your newsfeed. This can be done for certain “friends” of yours on your Facebook that share information that is of no interest to you.

#TechTuesday- 7 Top Tips For Improving Your Facebook News Feed

  1. Unfollow people who are too noisey

The biggest reason a person will unlike a brand on Facebook is because they overpopulate their news feed. This is something that I really dislike so when people are being too noisey on Facebook about information I have no interest in, I will always mute them, or unfollow them.

#TechTuesday- 7 Top Tips For Improving Your Facebook News Feed

  1. Approve posts to your Facebook page

Always make sure you have to approve a post that someone wants to put on your Facebook page. You don’t know what someone is going to post, and you don’t want this to affect how your community may see you, even though they already know it could be spam.

#TechTuesday- 7 Top Tips For Improving Your Facebook News Feed

The full 22 tips, and the infographic in full can be seen here.

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