There comes a time when social networks bring out new updates, that are similar to their competitors. In Facebook’s case, they have taken followed LinkedIn’s suit and introduced a feature similar to the Pulse update.

Facebook’s notes have been revisited by Facebook and rejuvenated. They are rolling out a new update that makes Facebook’s notes more attractive, and customisable. Gone are the days of sharing “10 things about you that your friends didn’t know”.

This new update allows you to add a cover photo that is relevant to what you are posting online. You can also caption, resize photos and format your text into headers, quotes or bullet points.

Take this new update, and be intelligent with what you post. As you can see here, I have used Facebook’s notes to take my latest blog post, and share it with my community in full on Facebook. Actually, not JUST Facebook… but everyone else too.

Yes, you can share your notes with the world. Use this and openly share you latest articles like I have. Remember, Facebook have over 1 billion users and once you fine tune your target market, you know exactly who you need to market to.


To see notes your friends have written or write your own, visit or search “notes” on mobile.

It is so important that you use this feature to repurpose the content you post on your website as a blog. Whilst you may be getting views on your website from your articles, sharing them on social media is a sure fire way to make sure your content is being seen by a larger number of your target market.

If you don’t have a blog on your website, take this opportunity as a way to share what you have to say, whilst building your confidence. Share your influence with the world, through your writing.

With LinkedIn’s long-form posts, and Facebook’s notes, there is no excuse for influential entrepreneurs to use this as a way of driving more traffic, and increasing sales.

Have you written your first Facebook note?

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