This is going to be a slightly different blog, as I am going to be sharing a GIF (graphics interchange format) which is in simple terms, a moving image. This GIF shares with you, in real-time the accumulation of wealth for some of the world’s biggest companies including; Facebook, Google, Apple, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo, Netflix, Dropbox and more.

Click above to view the full version [h/t pennystocks].

So… who’s winning, and who is losing?


The clear winner on the page is Apple and it accounts for a huge 50% of profit generated by all of the above companies. In Q1 of 2016, Apple’s quarterly revenue reached $75.9 billion with a net income of $18.4 billion, or $3.28 per diluted share.


Facebook has his 1.59 billion users and crushed their Q4 2015 earnings with 5.841 billion in revenue. This is up from 1.55 billion users and $4.5 billion in revenue last quarter. 69% of users say that they are accessing their Facebook to receive offers or enter competitions from companies they follow with a further 62% using social media to stay up to date with their favourite brands.


Google accounts for a staggering 100 billion searches every single month. More than half of these searches are done via mobile. Google owns Android, YouTube, Waze and many more well known online applications… and don’t forget Google+! Google’s revenue amounted to $67.39 billion in 2015 and this number is going to increase through 2016 as they continue to increase advertising revenue. 


Amazon started out as just a book store 20 years ago and has grown into one of the most lucrative online businesses ever. Amazon has 244 million active users and 54 million Amazon prime customers. Did you know that Amazon sales accounted for 35.7% of Black Friday sales last year? Amazon have grown from strength to strength and now sell into 185 countries worldwide.


Whilst Microsoft (as you can see above) is still making a very large profit, it is only half of what Apple is making every single second. Microsoft’s revenue for Q2 of 2016 (fiscal) was $21.66 billion. The biggest question is; are people still buying Microsoft computers? Surprisingly yes. In 2015, Microsoft shipped just 275 million devices.


The big newcomer on a list of elite companies is Netflix. It was founded in 1997 but didn’t really make moves in the digital world until about 4-5 years ago. Netflix has 75 million subscribers worldwide and Netflix users watched 42.5 billion hours of tv shows/films last year alone. Statistics show that in 2008, the total revenue of Netflix amounted to around $1.36 billion, and in 2015, this grew to a huge $6.78 billion.


According to the GIF, Twitter is actually losing money… and lots of it. In October 2015, Twitter shared a disappointing revenue forecast that reported a very slow growth in users, and shares dropping an astounding 13%. With other social networks making a huge impact, like Instagram, Twitter needs to step up their game and take their rightful place at the top of the social media hierarchy.

 Take a look at the full GIF in action here.

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