Did you know that 43% of UK workers feel as though their current job does not keep them engaged?

Having a job whether it be running a business, or working for someone else, you need to find ways to stay on your toes and keep your creativity juices flowing.

The festive season is here, and it’s this time of year that business owners start slacking because they are otherwise occupied with christmas preparation, and already in the mindset of “holiday”.

Here are 5 ways to boost your productivity, as well as your employees over the festive season to bring in the end-of-year sales.

1. Team Bonding

If you run a business that has employees, have you thought about organising a team bonding day? I have done this in the past with employees at a tech company I owned and it work extremely well.

Think about taking your team to an “escape room” day out, and get them working together to solve puzzles. Team work is essential and any way you can encourage this outside of work, will have a positive impact inside of work.

2. Stand-Up Desks

This is relatively new to the business world. Do you, or your employees find that sitting down all day affects productivity? Stand-up desks are the new “thing” and they are something worth looking into if you feel as though your team would benefit from it.

3. Encourage Exercise

Exercise is one of the best ways to release stress, and to re-focus on what’s important. Encourage the people who work with you to join a gym if they aren’t already, or to find a sport that will keep them active over the festive period.

4. Keep The Workplace Clean & Tidy

I find that if I am working from home, and my desk is covered in papers, and everything is out of it’s place, I am not as productive as I should be. Make sure that your desk, and the area in which you work is clear of clutter.

5. Set Goals & Provide Feedback

Most people work well under the pressure of reaching a goal or milestone so to keep your employees motivated, set achievable, short-term goals and once the goal has been completed, provide feedback that will encourage them to work just as hard on the next project.

How are you going to boost productivity over the festive season?

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