50 Ways To Market Your Small Business

One of the biggest challenges faced by small businesses and entrepreneurs is how to effectively market their business online.

With a limited budget and so many marketing techniques, it can be difficult to chose the right approach for your business, that isn’t going to cost you a small fortune.

To have a successful business means that people know about your brand and the product/services you offer. Having a good online marketing strategy is extremely important, but… where do you start?

I have worked with HUNDREDS of SME’s and entrepreneurs over the last 8 years and have personally run two small businesses so I understand how difficult it can be to effectively market a small business online.

This 11 page fact-packed guide will cover the following;

  • The importance of taking your brand online
  • WHY your website may not be converting + solution
  • How-to turn a website visitor into a PAYING customer
  • The importance of feedback from your audience, and how to get it
  • How-to give away content for FREE, and get hundreds of leads in return
  • A FREE Google Tool to help you define your keywords online
  • Why your website appearance, onsite SEO and testimonials are KEY
  • How-to avoid shopping cart abandonment
  • Increasing lead generation through two different types of content

This download has been specifically designed for start-ups, business owners, marketing and sales executives and professionals in the SME sector who want to achieve more connections, leads and sales through effective online marketing.

If achieving more connections, leads and sales through is important to you and your business, this guide is a MUST-READ!

To get access to this guide, please click on the “download now” button below, and enter in your details. The guide will automatically download to your desktop!



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