Business Growth Plan

That was the motto I always lived by.

You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything.

It’s true. I realised that, to be the best, and most successful entrepreneur I could be, I had to create a business growth plan.

Chapter six, for me, is about bringing everything together to convert visitors into prospects and prospects into happy customers who become 24/7 brand advocates.

Having sold 1000’s of copies of the first edition of this book, I decided to reach out to the readers and gather feedback, to really help me design a strategy based on where you are in your business right now, and how social media and digital marketing can truly work for you.

I knew that, when rewriting this chapter I would have to sit down, and go through a restructure. I broke this chapter down into three sections:

  1. The Preparation: Go-to-market strategy
  2. Getting Started: Building trust with your audience
  3. Business Growth: Generating leads and getting sales

I will share with you an overview of each section.

1. The Preparation Phase

This part of chapter six is all about doing your homework. I will share with you various strategies including a go to market strategy, sales process, marketing plan and 90-day plan to help you succeed.

You will also have access to workbook style content that allows you to make notes, and fill out important sections as you work your way through the book.

Go to market strategy

This is your company’s blueprint, from which your overall sales and marketing plan evolves. Your business will share the value of its product or service by connecting with your laser targeted customers.

Marketing plan

We’ve covered this in previous chapters, but marketing is in essence, identifying, anticipating and meeting the requirements of what your consumers want, to make a profit in your business. Putting the customers’ wants and needs first will be identified through your market research.

Sales process

Selling, on the other hand, is about persuading customers to buy your products/ services by helping them believe it is what they are looking for. This will take place once the marketing has influenced a customer’s buying habit.

After you have completed your customer focused marketing, you introduce your product or service to your potential customer, by highlighting the features but selling through the benefits.

2. Getting Started Phase

After getting prepared, you can now get started. This is about sharing relevant content to your visitors and prospects through a simple and easy-to-follow weekly plan in just 60 minutes for seven days’ worth of content.

I will share with you my in-depth 7-day Social Media and Content Marketing plan. This will give you everything you need to create and share content online. As well as this, you will also have access to how brand assets are shared online, the importance of hashtags, gifs and video.

3. Business Growth Phase

The third and final phase of creating a business growth plan for success is the growth phase. You will have access to my secrets around generating leads and sales. I will also share with you my in-depth process when approaching a potential client over the phone, and a simple call structure to help you manage your schedule.

I will also cover growth hacking on Social Media, getting on the first page of Google, networking, channel partners and referrals.

This is just an overview of chapter six; creating a business growth plan for success. To read the full chapter, and book, you can purchase your copy here.

If you would like to read what I had to say about previous chapters, see below:

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