Having a successful online business means that you need to be actively using social media to share your content with an audience that generates leads.

Today I am sharing with you a step-by-step process that is something I have been actively using myself, and with my clients to do exactly as the title of this article suggests. My 8 years worth of experience in the digital world has helped me devise a successful way to generate leads, but first… you need something to share.

Before we can go ahead and implement my step-by-step strategy on how to amplify your content to your target audience and generate leads, you need to write content your audience falls in love with. This is one the most difficult parts because your content needs to be unique, add value to your audience and reflect your expertise whilst specific for your ideal target customer.

After you have your content, let’s amplify it.

  1. Share Across Your Social Media Channels

After you have written your piece of content and posted it on your website, you then need to share it across all of your social media platforms. This is the first step to amplifying your content and is the starting block to generating leads.

I always make sure my latest article goes out on Twitter everyday of the week but at different times so that I am reaching as much of my social media audience as possible and over a 28 day period, I will gain up to 1,000 new followers which convert into leads and happy customers.

Amplify Your Content

  1. Secondary Platforms

There is more to each social network than just posting on Twitter or LinkedIn and sharing your article as a Facebook post. Secondary parts of these platforms such as Facebook Pages, LinkedIn Pulse and Medium is the next place you should be sharing your content. This should also include industry specific outlets e.g. I use Social Media Today and Business2Community.

  1. Share With Thought Leaders and Industry Influencers

Do you know who are thought leaders and influencers in your industry? If not, stop now and do your research. It is so important that you know who is important in your industry because one “endorsement” from them can be the difference between 10 leads, and 10,000 leads.

Once you know who the thought leaders and influencers are in your industry, share you content with them. If they feel it is great content, they will share it with their audience.

  1. Specific Target Audience Posts

One thing I do when sharing my latest content, or my next speaking engagement is to specifically mention some of my audience in a post. This is easiest to do on Twitter, using the @ handle. Ask your audience by mentioning them in a post to take a look at the content because you know it will help them in one way or another.

  1. PPC Campaigns

This is a step that you can take if your have the funds to do so. Promoting or boosting your posts on Facebook and Twitter gives you an even bigger reach and one which is directly targeted at the audience of your choice. You can decide how much you want to spend promoting your content; it can be as large, or as little a sum as you choose. I would suggest giving this a go, and see if it works for your business.

  1. Use Outbrain

Outbrain is a tool which allows you to push your content to other websites. Outbrain recommends your content to some of the largest and most respected media outlets including CNN.

  1. Run a Remarketing Campaign

Remarketing is a very powerful way to stay engaged with your target audience. Using Adroll, you can present relevant ads and offers to your target audience across the web so that when they come to make a purchasing decision, your brand is front and centre. I use remarketing to send my audience to a lead capture page where they can gain access to a great piece of content e.g. my “50 ways to market your small business effectively” and all they have to do is give me their name and email address.

Now you’re ready to amplify your content to your target audience and generate leads, there is nothing stopping you from making your business an online success.

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