Who doesn’t love a good selfie, or an image that has a nice Instagram filter?

As great as it is to enhance an image so that it is more visually appealing, this is something that must be avoided when it comes to professional social network; LinkedIn.

Having a strong, professional image as your profile picture on LinkedIn is extremely important. LinkedIn is a social network which has been designed to help manage your identity in the world of business and should lead to work opportunities.

Firstly, just having a profile picture is extremely important. You are 11 times more likely to be viewed on LinkedIn if you have a profile picture.

I recently came across a great infographic posted by CEO of Wordstream; Larry Kim. This infographic shares 8 LinkedIn photo fails to avoid. I am going to share these with you, and offer a solution so that improve your LinkedIn marketing, and build a business profile online that you can be proud of.

1. The Oldie

How old is your LinkedIn profile picture? If your image doesn’t represent who you are now, it’s time for a change. This might be 6 months for one person, or two years for another. Sharing an image that is 5 years old where you look completely different to how you do now will only negatively impact your online brand. Update your photo, and show your community that you are invested in your personal brand.


2. The Weekender

LinkedIn is not Facebook, or Instagram. I find it very difficult to look past a profile picture on LinkedIn of someone on a night out, with a drink in their hand. LinkedIn is first and foremost a professional network so sharing your big night out, is a big no no in my opinion for LinkedIn marketing.


3. The Shadow

When I saw this “photo fail” on the infographic, I laughed because I have seen this on LinkedIn so many times. Using proper lighting for your profile picture is extremely important so avoid any harsh shadows, and use studio, or natural lighting for your profile picture.


4. The Bachelor

Whilst there has been some controversy around LinkedIn marketing and certain users using it as a dating site, this shouldn’t be replicated. If you’re looking at your profile picture and think it could be used for a dating website, it probably isn’t doing you any justice. Stay professional and make sure your image reflects this.


5. The Frown

A smile is the most inviting facial expression and you want those who are visiting your LinkedIn profile to feel welcomed, not scared. Avoid frowning in your profile picture as this can portray the wrong message.


6. The Pet Lover

I have two chihuahuas which I love dearly, but I wouldn’t go as far as using a picture of myself with them as my LinkedIn profile picture. Save the pet photos for your personal Facebook profile or Instagram page where they will be truly appreciated, and not as a part of your LinkedIn marketing strategy.


7. The Selfie

Over the last decade, “the selfie” has become one of the most popular image uploads on social media. Just like “the pet lover”, save the selfie for your Facebook or Instagram account.


8. The Silhouette

As I said at the beginning of this article, you are 11 times more likely to be viewed on LinkedIn if you have a profile picture so make sure this is the first thing you do, if you are new to LinkedIn and just setting up your account.


You can see the full infographic here.

I hope the above 8 LinkedIn photo fails will help you build your personal brand on LinkedIn, but where do you go from there?

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