With Google reaching over 100 billion monthly searches, YOU need to stand out as a small business and one of the best ways to do this is by having a great SEO strategy that DELIVERS RESULTS.

As a small business, you will have many struggles; one of them being search engine optimisation. There are so many “hats” you will need to wear as the business owner and having a website that is delivering great search results should be at the top of your list. Without organic traffic from Google, you will not achieved your desired sales target.

I have written various pieces of content about SEO, one being my SEO checklist, which you can read here, as well as also having two downloads which you can easily access; SEO Research and my SEO Metadata template.

I wanted to follow on from my SEO checklist and give you some ideas on how-to improve your SEO strategy as a small business. There is no quick fix when it comes to SEO however, spending some time getting it right is key, and use my below tips to help you do this.

Be Realistic With Your Goals

Just like when you set other business goals, you need to be as realistic as possible. Expecting to match the huge competitors of yours that put a lot of money and manpower behind their SEO isn’t realistic. Rather than aiming for a high-end, popular keyword such as Beauty, look at a specific keyword around your business that has a good search result, but less competition.

Focus On Your Niche Markets Wants/Needs

Finding the right keywords is extremely difficult, especially if you have not researched your niche market. Find out what THEY want, rather than focusing on a general need. Each customer has their pain point that makes them buy your product/service; do your research and find out what this is, so that you can optimise your website accordingly.

Mid-Tail Keywords

Using a keyword like beauty as a short-tail keyword will not work, nor will “beauty business uk based online selling” as a long-tail keyword. You need to find a happy medium between the two along the likes of “UK beauty business”.

Utilise Online Platforms

This may seem obvious, and I’m sure you’ve read my content that has told you this exact same thing more than 5 times but Social Media is critical for online success. Find the social networks that work for your small business, and connect with your target audience where they most like to hang out. Your SEO strategy will improve, if you increase the engagement on Social Media.

Offline Platforms

Don’t forget about offline platforms. There is still an important aspect of marketing that doesn’t take place online. Local newspapers for example, work well if you have a particular purpose for advertising in them.

Reviews & Recommendations

There are various places you will want good recommendations and reviews. You should be asking for people to leave reviews on your Google Business page, as well as on your Facebook Page. As a business owner, you want your community to “endorse” and “recommend” you on LinkedIn too.


I have mentioned this on various occasions, just like I have done regarding the importance of Social Media. Blogging is great for more than just your SEO strategy; it is a great piece of weekly content you can share with your audience to increase website traffic (which in turns gives your business a big thumbs up by Google).

I hope the above tips will help you improve your SEO strategy as a small business!

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