7 Day Social Media Plan

I have over 10 years online experience as a Social Media strategist and the one strategy that most small businesses have a problem with, is creating a Social Media Plan.

Being a small business can sometimes mean that your resources and funds are limited. Because of this, your marketing can become complicated, time-consuming and expensive. One way in which you can market to your target customers in a cost-effective way is through the use of social media.

For big companies, you will find dedicated employees who are given just one task; social media. For most small businesses, you might have to do it yourself and this can be just as successful as long as you know how to create a social media plan.

My 7 day Social Media plan has been used by over 2,500 small businesses just like YOU, helping create and schedule content across all of the social networks in just 1-HOUR for a WHOLE week!

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