I’m sure you already know how valuable and essential social media can be to a businesses success online, but if you don’t; here are 5 statistics to change your mind.

  1. There are 2.3 BILLION active Social Media users
  2. 78% of YOUR customers who complain via Twitter expect a response within 60 MINUTES
  3. Over 70% of Social Media users will recommend products to their friends/family
  4. There are 40 million active small business pages on Facebook
  5. Over 80 million photos are uploaded to Instagram DAILY

If you’re new to social media, you might be overwhelmed and trying to build a socially-savvy network where you provide value and insight might be very difficult.

Let me help YOU overcome your initial social media issues with my simple & effective social media guide. No matter what your skill level is, this social media guide will help you in one way or another.


  • YouTube users upload 300 hours of video, an increase from 72 hours a year ago.
  • Netflix subscribers stream nearly 80,000 hours of video.
  • Vine users view more than 1 million videos.
  • BuzzFeed users watch more than 34,000 videos.
  • Instagram users like more than 1.7 million photos.
  • Snapchat users share nearly 300,000 snaps.
  • Pinterest pinners pin nearly 10,000 images, up from 3,400 a year ago.



  • Facebook users Like more than 4.1 million posts.
  • Twitter users tweet more than 347,000 times, up from 277,000 a year ago.
  • Apple users download 51,000 apps, up slightly from 48,000 a year ago.
  • Amazon sees more than 4,310 unique visitors.
  • Uber passengers take nearly 700 rides.


How to Do Your Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day

  • Who you should be engaging with
  • Social media tactics
  • Finding relevant content

Monthly Preparation in 60 Minutes

  • What kind of plan should you be using?
  • The importance of social media auditing
  • Researching your industry

What, When, Who, Where and How?

  • What type of content should I be sharing?
  • When is the best time to post?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Where do I post?
  • How often do I post on Social Media?

If you would like access to this guide, all you have to do is enter in your details below! If you want ANY of the answers to the above questions, this is the guide for you.

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