Did you know that LinkedIn is about to be acquired by Microsoft for a record $23 billion?!

Your B2B LinkedIn tone of voice is extremely important, and when done right, it gives your audience and business connections a clear understanding about who you are, and what they can expect from you.

Here are today’s top tips to help you have a greater understanding of the largest B2B social network with over 430 million members.

What Is Your Goal?

When deciding on your tone of voice, you need to think strategically. The online world is crowded, and competitive so you need to decide WHY you are doing what you are doing. Rather than being a little fish in a big pond, be a big fish in a little pond where you can niche market, and get the results you are looking for. 

B2B Tone Of Voice

The biggest misunderstanding when it comes to LinkedIn marketing and a businesses tone of voice, is thinking that the content shared has to be boring, and mundane. Just because LinkedIn is a professional network, it doesn’t mean your tone of voice should be boring; it should be just as engaging as your approach to every other social network.

Your audience will still make a purchasing decision based on how your present yourself on LinkedIn (if this is where they find you) so you still need to emotionally connect with them, and be as engaging as possible.

When it comes to LinkedIn marketing, and your B2B tone of voice, there are a few tips I want to share with you that will help you stay as professional as possible, whilst also staying consistent with the emotional side of your brand.

Humanise Your B2B Marketing

People will always buy from people, so as I have mentioned above, your brand has to have emotion, and a personality which they can connect with and relate to. You may think that professional people are different to other consumers but this just isn’t the case. Professionals are still people, whilst their priorities may be different, they way they connect with a business is still the same. 

Be Heard

Sharing content online is great, and this will most definitely get you attention but to be truly heard, you need to have a clear tone of voice and make sure this is consistent across all of your social channels, as well as your website and other marketing avenues.

Make sure your tone of voice is recognisable, and unique. Your competitors work as a good back board, but make sure you develop your own tone of voice.

People Buy From People

It will take a potential customer 5 times to touch your business before they decide on purchasing and at each “touch” you need to portray the right message. You might not know whether they found you via your website, or through a social network, or maybe they met you in person at an event. Regardless of whether they meet you online or offline, the idea is still the same.

If you do meet a potential customer in person, build trust with them through a highly attentive attitude, positive body language and gestures. Make sure this is also translated online.

Trust And Authority

Take a look back at authority figures, and the way they present themselves during a presentation. They won’t stand still, nor will their content be dull or their delivery be boring. They are lively, memorable and passionate. I make sure that when I deliver a presentation, I am the latter and this has helped me build trust and authority within my industry.

Stand Out

Think about the content you are sharing. Businesses are still struggling with standing out from a crowd. You need to use this opportunity to transform the way you presenting your business both online, and offline.

Take a closer look the three C’s for a good tone of voice; clear, confident and compelling. Be clear with the content you are sharing and make sure your audience understands you. Be confident because this is what will keep your audience interested, and be compelling; make your audience WANT to stay with you on your business journey.

I hope this article will help you with your B2B LinkedIn tone of voice, and don’t forget; this is just one of three articles, and video’s I am going to be sharing with you. Day 2 will cover LinkedIn etiquette and the Do’s and Dont’s, and Day 3 will cover LinkedIn relationships and why having real conversations with real people wins more business.


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