If 30% of small business website traffic comes from search engines, do you know where the remaining 70% of your traffic is coming from?

Regardless of whether you have just launched a new website, or already have one in place, you are always going to be looking for ways to increase your website traffic.

I recently came across an infographic from speedlancer which detailed all of the moving parts to generating a large amount of website traffic. I am going to break this down, and share with you the key parts along with what I feel is most important.

1. Get Informed

The first part of the infographic talks about getting informed, and knowing how the online world works. If you are new to business, this will be a crucial part to building a successful website.

Do you know the difference between direct traffic and PPC traffic? Have you learnt about the importance of SEO, and engaging inside of forums?

Building Massive Website Traffic

2. Write Great Content

For me, this is one of the most important parts to generating a large amount of website traffic. I write content once a week on Think Digital First, and once a week on Warren Knight. This content then gets shared across all of my social media platforms, including LinkedIn Pulse.

Do you know how to write the perfect content for your target audience?

Building Massive Website Traffic

3. Promote Yourself

It’s great to understand the ins and outs of your website, and how-to create content for your audience, but without promoting your website and more importantly yourself, your website traffic will not increase.

I briefly mentioned above the importance of sharing your content on social media. I have over 74,000 followers in total, and being able to reach all of them in just one click of the button is so powerful.

Part of promoting yourself will also include entering awards, and being recognised as a thought leader. I have won various coaching, and mentoring awards, as well as awards for the content I write. This, in turn builds my credibility, trust and following online.

If building massive website traffic is important to your business, I have a great download for you.

I have worked with HUNDREDS of SME’s and entrepreneurs and have personally run two small businesses so I understand how difficult it can be to effectively market a small business online.

This 11 page fact-packed guide will cover the following;

  • The importance of taking your brand online
  • WHY your website may not be converting + solution
  • How-to turn a website visitor into a PAYING customer
  • The importance of feedback from your audience, and how to get it
  • How-to give away content for FREE, and get hundreds of leads in return
  • A FREE Google Tool to help you define your keywords online
  • Why your website appearance, onsite SEO and testimonials are KEY
  • How-to avoid shopping cart abandonment
  • Increasing lead generation through two different types of content

To get access to my “50 ways to market your small business” guide, please click on the “download now” button below, and enter in your details. The guide will automatically download to your desktop!

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