[ctt template=”9″ link=”jW2po” via=”no” ]Did you know that over 500 million people visit Twitter without logging in?[/ctt]

Twitter has been, and still is my favourite social network for connecting with my target audience and having a two-way conversation. With Christmas just around the corner, I wanted to share with you some statistics around holiday shopping behaviours based specifically on Twitter users.

It is time to, as a small business, develop a Twitter marketing plan leading up to Christmas and more importantly, Black Friday (25th November) and Cyber Monday (28th November). [ctt template=”9″ link=”p576w” via=”yes” ]Just this week, Twitter released a new report showing how their users are utilising Twitter around the holiday shopping season. [/ctt]

The first part of this research which Twitter conducted with Euromonitor International showed reports based on how Twitter is used whilst in-store, via mobile.

As you can see by the below images, close to 75% of shoppers will go to Twitter to find deals and coupons whilst in a store, ready to make a purchase. A further 60% research product prices to find the best deal, and 50% want to read product reviews, before purchasing in-store.

Twitter Marketing

How to utilise this for your business

The visual is quite clear; you need to be using your Twitter account to intelligently share your in-date discounts, as well as price comparisons. You should also be sharing reviews, especially those from other Twitter users. Always stay one step ahead of your competition by being as transparent as possible with your audience for your Twitter marketing.

The UK Twitter team have also provided some great insight through an infographic, detailing the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale.

The first part of the infographic (which you can see below) shows that a huge 95% of UK Twitter users purchase a product/service during the sales period. Another statistic that jumped out at me was that more than 16% of Twitter users are much more likely to shop during sales events than non-users. This shows that Twitter, in particular is a great place to showcase your products/services.

Twitter Marketing

Boxing Day Sales

If you are ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, maybe you should look at the below visual for a very powerful Boxing Day statistics.

Twitter Marketing

What Twitter users WILL purchase when on SALE

Twitter Marketing

Taking into consideration all of the above, what small business Twitter marketing are you going to be doing over the holiday sales period?

You can see the full infographic here.

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