Did you know: Facebook has 1.6 billion monthly users?

Facebook is the king of social media and is always looking at ways to better their platform, and introduce new features. The biggest issue with this, is always staying up to date with new features for Facebook.

For today’s #techtuesday, there are two new features for Facebook that can help you, as a small business better market to your target audience on the biggest social network.

Lead Adverts

A huge 75% of brands on Facebook will pay for Facebook Ads to promote their business. Facebook are always looking at ways to improve their service, and this is exactly what they have done for their Lead Adverts.

Facebook had the following to say;

“In our continuing effort to help you grow your business, we’ve launched new features to help you grab attention and increase the performance of your Facebook lead adverts. Try them and see if they work for your business.”

The new features include creative formats, using carousel and video features as well as the ability to provide more detail to potential buyers about the advantages of sharing their information using the new context card. You can use this context card to provide more information, before a user takes the next step.

Also new to the Lead Adverts functionality is being able to integrate lead adverts with your email marketing, or CRM tool. So far, Facebook have integrated with Salesforce, Zapier, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft and various other management tools.

The above updates are a great move from Facebook to make their lead advertising even more appealing to small businesses who rely heavily on social media advertising to promote their business online.

Pixel Tracker

If you are looking for something geared towards conversions, rather than generating leads, have a look at Facebook Pixel. This is a piece of code that is embedded into your website, which connects to Facebook Ads to tell you the actions people are taking as a result of your ad inside of Facebook. If ROI is important to you (and it should be) this is a must-use feature, giving you the ability to run a more efficient advert, with easy to understand analytics.

You can use Facebook’s Pixel Tracker to track the activity of your target audience from the moment they click on an ad, easily understand the success of your advertising campaigns, measure ROI and to be more efficient with your budget. You can see more on Facebook’s Pixel Tracker here.

Have you tried Facebook’s new advertising features to capture more attention for your business online?

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