DID YOU KNOW: Images that contain multiple dominant colours (red, yellow, blue) get over 3% more more repins, than images with just ONE dominant colour?

Pinterest has joined the ranks of Twitter and Facebook. Pinterest now has over 100 million active users and is reportedly valued at $11 billion. The biggest problem I have noticed with Pinterest is that they are slightly behind their counterparts, and needed to introduce more exciting features.

I am very happy to announce that as of the 14th June, there is now audience targeting on Pinterest available to all users. Pinterest had the following to say;

“Targeting your ads is important—it’s how you can effectively get your leather tote noticed by a new grad searching for a work-ready bag, or how you get an aspiring home chef to try your dumpling recipe. And starting today, targeting on Pinterest is even more powerful.”

What To Expect

Being able to use an audience targeting on Pinterest feature is extremely effective. The promoted pins option will now target pinners’ based on interests, search phrases, device, location and much more, including using your own business data to target promoted pins.

Now you can take what you know about your target audience, and combine this with what Pinterest knows about you and what you are looking for.

Inside the new Pinterest Ads Manager, you can now create ads, and target your audience in three different ways;

1. Customer List Targeting

You can now target existing customers using email, and mobile data you have already compiled.

2. Visitor Retargeting

To make sure you are capturing everyone, you can now retarget to people who are already familiar with your business, and have already visited your website.

3. Lookalike Targeting

This is a great, new and unique way to target users. You can now reach a large group of people who look, and act similar to those of your target audience to make sure you are connecting with everyone who might be interested in your business.

You can even go one step further and build a close relationship with Pinterest and their marketing dev partners to get even more niche, and target your audience in a very time effective way. Pinterest have also announced their partnerships with Epsilon, and LiveRamp.

If you still aren’t sure about audience targeting on Pinterest, here are some statistics for you. Visitor retargeting has increased clickthrough rates by 3x for businesses already using this new functionality. Lookalike targeting has increased clickthrough by 63%, and increase reach by up to 30 times.

To really get to know audience targeting on Pinterest, head over to their help centre, or get started today via their Pinterest Ads section.

How do you feel about Pinterest new audience targeting functionality, and how does it compare to Facebook and Google’s audience retargeting?

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