Did you know that 87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest? This statistic is likely to grow even more throughout the year of 2017, with a revolutionary tool.

Visual marketing is going to be a very big trend for 2017. When people hear information, they are only likely to remember 10% of that information days later. Pair this information with a relevant image and people retain up to 65% of the information; that’s a 55% increase in recall JUST by using an image.

Pinterest is known as being a very visual social network, and their new tool has most definitely revolutionised the way people search for visual information. Earlier this month, Pinterest released a new feature called Visual Discovery.

Visuals are the way to selling, and Pinterest has understood that to really spend money, consumers need to see it with their own eyes. Pinterest has always said that it is “built for open-minded discovery” and the Pinterest Visual Discovery Tool allows you to take online window shopping to a whole new level.

The new discovery tools allows you to search for an image, zoom in and search for that product. How many times have you seen something on Pinterest that you want to buy, but can’t seem to find where to buy it online? The new, revolutionised piece of technology from Pinterest allows you to discover products/services without having to leave the platform.

Pinterest have two revolutionary features; Pinterest Lens (beta) and Shop The Look.

Pinterest Lens

Pinterest Lens is currently in beta, and it let’s you use a camera in your pinterest app to discover products based on what you see behind the camera lens.

Pinterest Visual Discovery Tool

With this new beta feature, you can now use the inspiration of the real world, and combine this with the digital world and give you an experience which has yet to be created by any other social network.

Shop The Look

Pinterest Visual Discovery Tool now includes a “shop the look” feature. You may be aware of the 2015 introduction of looking at an outfit, and seeing related ideas. Pinterest has taken this one step further.

You can now track the products down, and buy them. This is not just for clothing, you can do this with decor, and any other visual product on Pinterest. Just tap the circle on each item to find where you can buy them from the brands website, or even inside of Pinterest.

Pinterest have teamed up with Curalate, Olapic, Project September, Refinery29 and ShopStyle to bring this feature to the market.

What do you think about Pinterest Visual Discovery Tool?

The Pinterest Visual Discovery Tool update really marks 2017 as the year for visual, and video marketing online. I am really impressed with the way Pinterest has revolutionised search forever, by making it much easier for business to sell their products, and for consumers to buy them.

2017 has already flown by, and so much has happened in the world of Social Media and to help you better understand all of the new features, tools, tips and tricks I am going to share a recording of a webinar I held earlier this month.


  • Understand the ‘Digital mindset’ to leverage social media successfully

  • Why you MUST harness the power of social media in 2017

  • What social communities expect from you

  • The MAGIC formula to achieve social media impact


  • Write content your AUDIENCE will LOVE
  • Understand why being “NICHE” market-focused wins business
  • Give you the foundations to generate 100’S OF TARGETED LEADS
  • What 67% of your potential customers are thinking about
  • How ONE action can increase lead generation by 200%
  • Successfully integrate your marketing strategy across all social networks
  • Stay ahead of the COMPETITION and gain new customers
  • Measure and evaluate YOUR online activity

Learn what’s NEW in the world of Social Media, and how to apply it to your business through this certified and recorded. You can sign up here to access the recording.

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