Did you know that there are 500 million tweets sent every single day? That’s 6,000 tweets every second.

Now more than ever, you need to be looking at ways you can build trust online. Part of building trust is having a strong online following who are your brand advocates.

Twitter, for me, has been my strongest online community, and a place where I do have thousands of brand advocates who engage with me on a daily basis, and share my content. How would you like to do the same?

Here are three ways to build your Twitter following in just 24 hours. It really does just take a few simple tweaks to build your Twitter following.

1. @Mentions

Part of using Twitter, is engaging with your audience in a two-way conversation. The best way you can doing this is by mentioning them in a tweet using their Twitter handle. Daily engagement through this is great, but I am going to share with you a simple strategy of mine that will help you build your Twitter following quickly.

When I speak at an event or tradeshow, there is something I do inside of Twitter to engage, and build my following.

Step One; follow the events followers

Every day I will follow 20 new people who are following the events Twitter handle. I know that if they are following this event on Twitter, they are likely going to be attending, which means that if I reach out to them, I may encourage them to come and see me speak.

Step Two: reach out to the followers

I then engage with three of these new followers in one single Tweet. It may be a simple “looking forward to seeing you at X event” or I might even ask them a question about their business, or what they are most looking for from the show. Regardless of what you say, make sure it is engaging, and conversational.

Step Three; offer something of value

When someone engages with you through this process, always offer something of value. When looking to build your Twitter following, think about the content you share online. Is it educational? Do you have a clear call-to-action? Are you giving your audience what they want?

2. Syndicate Your Content and Guest-Blog

When I write a piece of content, I will share it on the likes of Business2Community. In doing this, I know that my following will increase dramatically, as when someone shares a piece of content from Business2Community, it then includes my Twitter handle in the Tweet (which you can see below).

Social Media Proof in Twitter

Social Media Proof in Twitter

Doing this one thing (syndicating a piece of content) then gets shared hundreds, and sometimes thousands of times online and when someone enjoys a piece of content, they do their research on the author and chances are; they will follow that author.

You will also find that some guest-contribution websites will only accept exclusive pieces of content, and that is also a great way to build your Twitter following. One in particular that I wrote an exclusive piece of content for is Social Media Examiner.

This piece of content that I wrote was shared online over 6,800 times, and over 30% of these shares were on Twitter, and would have included my name.

Think about your industry, and where you could syndicate your content, or write exclusive content to help your build your Twitter following.

3. Manage Relationships Through Twitter Lists

As I follow a lot of people on Twitter, I use Twitter Lists to help me interact with a smaller, more niche network when looking at finding great content, and engaging in meaningful conversations in my industry.

I always know that with there being so much noise on Twitter, it is important to be as organised as possible, and rather than wasting time searching for content or influencers, just create a Twitter list that you can always refer to when you are looking to engage, and build your Twitter following.

To find out how to create a Twitter list, see a previous article I have written here.

They are my top three tips to help you build your Twitter following in 24 hours but, what are you doing to benefit from Twitter long-term?

Twitter is one of the most influential social networks, and if building your online identity, and growing a business is important to you, Twitter must be one of the social networks you are using on a daily basis to engage with your target audience.

In my 1 hour webinar, I will share with you how I have become a verified Twitter user, and amassed a following of over 32,000 business owners.

Here’s Why You Should Care:

  • 71% of users say they use Twitter multiple times per day
  • 90% of Twitter users say they plan to purchase from the small businesses they follow
  • 84% of shoppers on Twitter use the platform to look for deals and product reviews
  • Twitter users shop nearly twice as much as non-Twitter users

How You’ll Benefit:

  • Learn my top 5 ways you can use Twitter for your business
  • How to create content that will engage with your audience online
  • How you can become a verified Twitter user
  • How to use Twitter’s search functionality to increase your reach
  • How to research your industry and find places thought leaders to engage with
  • How to utilise hashtags to engage with your target audience

Click on the link below to access the recording!

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