Did you know: 62% of small businesses use social media management tools to measure their success online.

Social media is extremely time consuming and for a small business, time is money. The idea of social media scares a lot of small businesses because of the time it takes to learn how to use each social network, and to work on manage each network on a day-to-day basis.

The solution to saving time is to use social media management tools. There are hundreds of social media management tools to use but what comes out on top?

G2Crowd created an infographic about the top 5 social media management tools which were based on detailed customer reviews on everything from user satisfaction, product direction, platform usability, customer support and more.

User Satisfaction

Based on user satisfaction, Agora Pulse came out on top with 99/100, followed by Sprout Social with 98/100, Buffer at 96/100, Sendible at 95/100 and coming in at last place, is Hootsuite with 93/100. 

Social Media Management

Product Direction

This is based on the tools ability to keep up with the latest trends, and features. There was only one change in the order compared to user satisfaction. Sendible and Buffer have switched place.

Social Media

Maintenance & Support

As you can see below, Agora Pulse is leading in both of these categories, with a slight change around 3rd, 4th and 5th position.

Social Media

Usability & Meeting Requirements

The image below is based on how easy it is to you the social media management tool, and the ability to meet the needs of their business. As you can see, Sendible is last in both of the categories, with Agora Pulse finishing first, once again.

Social Media

Who Came Out On Top?

#1 Agora Pulse

Whilst Agora Pulse is not as well known as Hootsuite, it seems that social media management tool users seem to love it, as it scored top in almost all of the criterias. It originally only integrated with Facebook upon launch back in 2011, but now integrates with Twitter, Facebook Pages, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+.

After speaking with the team at Agora Pulse, I can see why it’s #1 but for me personally they still have a few features missing that I use on a daily basis. Let’s see how quickly they react to the fast pace of social media.

#2 Buffer

Whilst Buffer is not a full social media management tool, it does do one thing very well; publishing. It integrates with all of your favourite social networks, allowing you to schedule all of your social media content. You can also gain access to reports on a paid plan. If you’re looking for an all-around tool that allows you to create streams, and engage; Buffer is not the tool for you.

#3 Sprout Social

Founded back in 2010, Sprout Social does have a loyal fanbase, and does integrate with Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram. This tool gives you full access to reports, analytics and the ability to delegate between different team members.

#4 Sendible

Sendible is probably the most unknown social media management tool on this list but it does integrate with all of the main social networks including YouTube, Tumblr, WordPress and Blogspot. Whilst Sendible does have some advanced services, you are going to have to pay for them. Whilst Sendible is a good tool, I feel there are much better options on this list, including #5; Hootsuite.

#5 Hootsuite

I was quite surprised that Hootsuite ended up in last place on this list as it is by far one of the most used, and overall favourite tools amongst my audience of small businesses. Hootsuite’s free plan is great, as is its paid plan. If you’re using Hootsuite and reading this article thinking you need to switch social media management tools immediately; don’t. Research all of the other tools mentioned above and find out what is going to work best for YOU and YOUR business needs.

What social media management tool do you use and why?

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