It was just last week I was talking about Twitter’s HUGE 140-character update, and now I am once again, writing about another algorithm update but this time, coming from Instagram.

Instagram and their new business profile algorithm has just launched in the US, and everyone is talking about it. As a business, you can now “switch” your account to be a “business” Instagram account. This means you will have access to tools, and analytics that can help you increase engagement, and promote posts. This is only available in the US, Australia and New Zealand but will be available worldwide throughout the second half of this year.

Instagram have said the following about their new business profiles;

“With so many companies using Instagram, and many people on the platform interacting with them, there was a desire from our business community to do more. So we listened. And, after hundreds of interviews with businesses, three key needs became clear—stand out, get insights and find new customers.”

What’s New?

Instagram Business Profiles

As I mentioned above, you can now switch your account to a business profile, if that is how you want to be recognised. This means you will have access to a “contact” button. This could be via call, text, or email and customers will also have directions if you are at physical location. Changing your account to “business” gives you access to Insights.

Instagram Insights

Just like Facebook, Instagram’s Insight’s gives you access to information about your followers, and what posts are generating the most engagement. Having access to this, allows you to learn more about the behaviour of your community, and where they are based. This in turn, helps you create content that is relevant to your audience.

Instagram Promote

The promote option allows you to see what posts are performing well and then turn them into ads straight from the smartphone app. All you have to do is choose a post you’ve already shared, add your call to action button, select your target audience and promote your ad for as long as you want.

With all of the above now available, you as a business can receive emails, better understand your audience and refine your content so that your audience truly enjoys everything you share.

Thank you Instagram for finally doing what we have all been waiting for, but I can’t shake the feeling of Deja Vu. Although Facebook bought Instagram, I can’t help but feel disappointed that there is nothing unique about Instagram’s new business tools. They are an almost identical replica of Facebook Pages, but I guess it’s better to have something that’s familiar, than nothing at all.

How do you feel about Instagram and their new Business Profile algorithm?

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