We all have our favourite social network. Most visual brands in industries such as beauty or fashion might say their favourite social network is Instagram or Pinterest. For me, there is one network where I spend 90% of my “social media time” and that is Twitter.

Twitter is one of the most effective social media marketing tools because of it’s many impressive features that you might not even know about! If like me, you are an avid Twitter user, this article is for you. Here are 10 Twitter tools you need to know about.

  1. TweetReach

TweetReach is a great tool to use if you want to find out how far through your community, your tweet is being seen. It’s clear that not every single one of our followers are seeing all of our tweets so use this tool to analyse the reach, performance and engagement of your tweets.

  1. Twitalyzer

If you are finding your Twitter analytics difficult to understand, or not comprehensive enough, check out Twitalyzer. This tool will give you real-time access to basic Twitter measurements like demographics, and more in depth insight with the likes of Klout.

  1. Twilert

Twilerts is the Google Alerts for Twitter. You can use this tool to set up email alerts based on keywords, hashtags, your business name or any other key information. Use this tool to find out what others are saying about your brand.

  1. Nuzzel

This tool is essentially a discovery tool to see what is trending amongst your friends and followers. You can see the most popular links shared by your network, as well as the type of content your followers are engaging with.

  1. BuzzSumo

This tool has been around for a long time and is used for influencer marketing. Find out what type of content works for your target market and what the influencers in your industry are talking about.

  1. TweetChat

This tool works as a “chatroom” that gives you the conversations you want to hear about. TweetChat filters tweets, and sets up chatting sessions with individual users.

  1. Trendsmap

Trendsmap is one of the best tools to use if you are targeting customers by a specific location. This tool allows you to hone in on topics and hashtags that are trending within a specific location – not just global trending topics!

  1. TwitCam and Periscope

If you want to live stream to Twitter, this tool is for you. All you have to do is connect your webcam via logging into Twitter and click the broadcast button. Twitcam will also automatically share your video description, and link to watch the live broadcast with your audience.

Live streaming has become extremely popular, and you can now use Periscope to live stream, and connect with your Twitter community simultaneously!

  1. Ritetag

Are you looking for specific hashtags that are popular within your industry? Use Ritetag to discover what hashtags are being used the most on Twitter, by your target audience. Once you know this, you can then include these hashtags in your marketing strategy.

  1. Seen

Find the best social media updates and content through hashtags on Seen. It works like PageRank but specific for social media. Set up alerts to find out whats being “seen” in your industry, and stay connected with your target audience.

What is your favourite Twitter tool?

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  1. Rachel Kelsall March 2, 2016 at 7:03 pm - Reply

    Wow! Who knew?! Brill. Thank you Warren. As ever!

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