Healthy competition is not something to shy away from in business and had Mark Zuckerberg not had the likes of MySpace to compete with, the way we connect online might have been very different.

Part of having a successful business, is not only understanding your business, your target customer and your niche market, but also your competition. Technology is ever changing and using the right tools to analyse your competitors is critical for staying ahead of the game. You can learn a lot from your target customers, but you can learn just as much from your competitors.

Do you ever wonder why your competitors seem to be selling more products/services than your business? Or, why they are getting more mentions on social media? If yes, it’s time for you to get analysing and here are 3 tools that can help you stay ahead of your competition.

  1. SpyFu

There are so many ways you can spy on your competitors to give you a better insight into your industry. One tool which can help you do this by researching and downloading your competitors’ most profitable keywords is SpyFu.

If you are using PPC (Pay Per Click) or going through the process of updating your SEO, this tool is great to use. A case study showed that the top 3 paid advertisement spots get 41% of clicks on the page. To take one of the top spots, you need to what keywords your competitors are using.

Using SpyFu will show you what paid keywords your competition is using, as well as the organic search keywords. See the below steps to find out what keywords your competitors are using;

  • On the homepage, type in your competitor’s URL into the search box.
  • Click on the “paid keywords” tab to see the exact keywords your competitor is running ads for.
  • Click on “organic search” to see the keywords your competitor is targeting for organic search.
  • If you want to export your research, click the “export” tab and select either export as a CSV, or as a PDF.
  1. QuickSprout

Data from HubSpot showed that B2B marketers who use blogs, generate 67% more leads than those who don’t. QuickSprout allows you to analyse your competition and find out where their websites are performing well, and how to outrank them. Blogging is one of the biggest traffic drivers, and could be one of the reasons why your competition is one step ahead of you.

QuickSprout is also great for determining your estimated traffic score, SEO score and how your business is performing on social media.

  1. Alexa

Part of understanding your market, is being able to optimise content for new potential customers. Growing an online business can be difficult and time consuming so having a tool that can give you the right competitive intelligence and strategic insight to make decisions is so important. Alexa can help you with this by providing an analytical insight to compare and optimize your business on the internet.

Alexa is great if you’re;

  • A digital marketeer: Get in-depth insight on your users and tools to match your competition
  • Business owners: Having monthly page views, unique visits, time on site and bounce rate statistics is crucial for every business owner.
  • Content managers: You can collect user behaviour data to make sure your content is converting into website hits/sales.

These are just three of many great tools. Take a look at this article from Neil Patel, giving you are more in depth overview of 12 different competitor analysis tools.

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