Since closing my tech company down in 2013, I’ve spent the last 2 years growing my database and helping SME’s grow their business using social media and digital marketing.

I have also made my knowledge available for anyone, anywhere in the world. Because I think #digital first, most of my marketing budget has been spent on digital. Actually, over 80%.  

This has been a combination of building a website that markets my brand 24/7, SEO, content distribution, social media, email marketing, inbound marketing, affiliate partnerships, online PR and PPC. These are the new, digital ways that companies can laser target their audience on any platform, just like I do on a daily basis.

Whilst I know how much I spend on digital marketing, I found a great report, sharing more information around what other businesses are spending, and on what. I’m not alone in my large percentage of spend on digital. 38% of respondents in Constant Contact’s latest report spend 81-100% of their marketing effort on digital. Not only are they spending their money on digital, but their time too.

Constant Contact and Our Social Times teamed up with Smart Insights and Enterprise Nation to create a UK-based marketing consultant and agency survey to measure their habits, priorities and fears when facing digital marketing. The full report can be downloaded here however, keep reading for some of the best statistics.

66% of the 130 marketing consultants/agencies spoken to in the survey said that over 60% of their total marketing efforts was digital. Surprisingly, 13% of the marketing consultants/agencies said that traditional methods of marketing such as trade shows, face-to-face meetings and offline advertising accounted for up to 80% of their total marketing efforts. Whilst only 13% of those surveyed said this, it still shows that businesses are not ready to give up on traditional marketing avenues.

Experts are not 100% convinced (this expert is, but some aren’t as social media driven as I am) in investing their hard earned cash in the more advanced, revolutionised ways of marketing through digital avenues. Face-to-face may still be powerful in the eyes of 13% of those surveyed however, this number will decrease over the coming years.

This report from Constant Contact is similar to a report I referenced in an earlier blog from Econsultancy. This report said that 77% of the companies they surveyed are planning to increase their digital marketing spend this year, 22% planning to keep their budget the same and just 1% reducing their spending.

How much of your marketing budget is being spent on #digital?

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