Social media is not just a way of connecting with friends or (from a business perspective) customers online, we now use social networks as a source of breaking news.

I remember a couple of months ago when I was on the way to Kent for a talk and I was about to pull into the slip road, heading through the Dartford Tunnel and there was a tailback of 2 – 3 miles and cars were at a standstill. I looked on traffic websites and they had no information about the traffic, so I cut my losses and took a different route. Two minutes into this route, I looked at Twitter and searched “dartford tunnel”.

I was shocked to see how many people were tweeting about the traffic, and the reasons for the traffic. This was when I realised that Twitter is the place to go for news. Yes, we still buy newspapers and watch the news on the TV but in the situation I was in, Twitter gave me what I needed.

On the 23rd of July, 2015, Twitter introduces event targeting for ads. As I mentioned above, people (including myself) rely on Twitter to not only find out news, but to also engage with live events. Advertisers can now reach audiences interested in a certain event with a new feature called event targeting.

Twitter will now help you create a campaign that delivers the right message, to your target customer, about an event whilst it unfolds.

There are three parts to your event targeting;

  1. The Event Calendar

This will cover all major global events including sporting occasions, holidays, festivals, live shows and political debates in the US, UK, France, Brazil and Japan. This calendar will help you determine what events are in line with your marketing message. You can also filter by date, type of event and location.

  1. Event Insights

After you have identified the events you are going to target, you can then look at each event in more detail, and analyse the previous year’s data and audience. You will have access to a number of different insights including total audience reach, device breakdown and gender.

  1. Event Activation

You’ve done your research, found the best time to market and have analysed previous data around the event so now all you have to do is activate your campaign.

This new feature will allow business owners to really take charge of their Twitter advertisement, do their research and target their ideal customer.

Have you tried Twitter’s new event targeting feature?

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