Throughout my 8 years working with small businesses, I come across amazing tools and pieces of technology that truly revolutionise the way we can market our business to our target customers.

This weeks blog is a true dedication to one such tool called Openr.

When I first came across Openr, I was amazed by their concept and their business idea. Openr allows you to connect with your target audience by sharing relevant content. Openr gives you the tools to share unique content through a pop-up window with a message and call-to-action. This is a great way to showcase your latest product/service.

A way in which I use Openr, is through my social media activity. When I share a thought leadership blog that I have written, I always make sure I “openr” it. By this I mean, use Openr to create a popup window over this web page, with a link to my just released book Think #Digital First. See below to understand.

10 Successful Tips for Lead Generation Using Technology

As you can see, the page is my latest blog, and at the bottom left I have a pop-up window, directing views to purchase my book. This is all created using their free account and once you have created the pop-up, you are given a unique Openr URL to share on social media.

After talking about Openr in a previous blog and writing about them in my book Think #Digital First, I made a contact at the company, who has been of great help when it came to getting started with the platform. Thank you Christina!

Christina recently shared with myself and people I work with the latest addition to their platform; a Chrome plug-in.

If you aren’t already using Chrome as your web browser, I highly suggest that you do. Chrome is by far the quickest browser, and being able to add plug-ins like Hootsuite, Pinterest and Openr helps save valuable time. You can download Chrome here.

With this update from Openr, I now have their plug-in installed to my Chrome browser. Not only have they made it easy to use and consistent with their website branding, it also allows me to do exactly what I need, without having to log into their website.

Warren Knight Social Media Speaker SME Growth Coach

As you can see above, the pop up is logged into my account, allowing me to create my pop-up window with ease. I have to say, Openr have managed to create something unique and very powerful for small businesses.

If you want to get yourself signed up to Openr today, click here.

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