For the next two weeks, I have decided to share snippets of information about each chapter of my just released book; Think #Digital First.

The first weeks blog was all about the first chapter of Think #Digital First; YOU: There will only ever be one. You have to question yourself, find out what you love, invest in yourself as an entrepreneur and find your own voice.

The second chapter is all about the Framework for Success #TheChoiceIsYours. If you don’t have the framework in place, to allow social media to become a piece to your business puzzle, it won’t make the perfect picture. You can read more on chapter two and the difficult questions you need to ask yourself as a business owner here.

The third chapter was all about Protecting Your Time: Focus on Sales #InsaneInTheMembrane. As a business owner, time management is key because there are many hats that you will need to wear. Your time will need to be split between the sales side of your business, marketing, finances, operations and being the ambassador of your brand.

The fourth chapter was about Setting Up a Socially-Savvy Business #EverydayPeople. I spoke about Google, how SEO works and social media is just one part of building a business, along with Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing and blogging.

This week is about tools. I have shared over 50 tools that cover every aspect of your business in my book. I won’t share all of them, but here are two very important tools to help your business grow online.

Last week’s chapter was all about Tools to Help Your Business Grow. I share over 50 different tools and technologies that are built to help small businesses succeed online. I cover everything from listening and research tools to business, website builders, design/visuals, marketing, analytical technology and SEO/MetaData tools.

As a business, all of the above is so important when thinking #digital first but without the right strategies to implement for your business, you will fall short. In my book, I share strategies around going to market, building content, planning your overall marketing and a 90 days sales plan. All of these are key to growing your business and without taking these, and fine tuning them for your business, your sales will suffer.

I share some great visuals, including the one below regarding the go to market strategy.

Go to market

Always Think #Digital First and to get the most from your strategy, you must be laser focused on knowing your target customer (as mentioned in Chapter Two). Knowing their age, sex, income level, habits, interests, who they are and where they hang out, will help you understand their buying patterns.

Your timing is crucial in making sure the content you provide is current, adds value and contributes to the buyers’ purchasing journey. As mentioned in Chapter Three, your buyers will go through the following process.

  1. Build trust
  2. Engage
  3. Convert
  4. Keep buying and become brand advocates

Building your brand’s online presence offers twice the potential of acquiring a customer when you follow this four-step process.

In chapter 6, I also share with you some great business templates including a 7 day social media plan, marketing plan, 90 day sales plan and a customer retention strategy. To get your hands on these strategies, along with everything else mentioned in this blog, purchase my book Think #Digital First today.

Stay tuned for next week where I will be sharing the final step in building a socially-savvy business; Customer retention through loyalty.

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