As someone who has been a part of the sales and marketing world for over 20 years, I have been able to improve my knowledge and understanding of the digital era, through the use of digital marketing tools and technologies. #TechTuesday is all about sharing what I believe to be important applications and websites that help a business grow online. This week is no different. Here is why you should use Google Docs.

Google docs is a cloud computing technology that is just one of many document options inside of Google Drive. You can take your files with you wherever you go and all you will need is an internet connection. As Google say; you can “write, edit and collaborate wherever you go”.

I have teamed up with Shaz who runs YouTube Channel; Good Person to Know which focuses on sharing knowledge and expertise from industry experts to explain in just under three minutes, how and why you should use Freelancer. See video below;

Here are 3 reasons why you should be using Google Docs for your business;

1. Collaboration

Google Docs allows you to create documents which you can then invite members of your team into, giving them access to comment on the document, make changes and have a two way conversation with you. Great way to collaborate on business ideas and goals.

2. Secured and Synced Files

All of your Google Doc files will be saved to your Google Drive, which is hosted via cloud that is password accessed using your Google details, making it extremely secure. You can access theses files from your desktop, tablet, phone or any other device that has an internet connection. Gone are the days of emailing files.

3. Offline Editing

As a business owner, you will be on the move especially if you live in London or another city where you may have to travel to work, with limited internet connection. With Google Docs, you can set up offline access where you can still view and edit your files while not connected to an internet connection.

Stay tuned for next week’s #TechTuesday where I will talk about another favourite tool of mine that will help you grow your business.

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