In 2015 we need to be connecting even more with our target audience by sharing relevant content but that doesn’t mean we can’t market our services or products as long as we are still adding value.

Openr has the perfect solution. You come across a great article that you’re audience will find interesting and that has value, which you want to share. You just drop the URL into the Openr converter, create your Openr window with a message and call-to-action, sitting next to the article.

You then get to design your Openr window so that it stays brand consistent. Choose your favourite style and colours that work best with your brand and select a logo, image or profile picture to appear in your Openr window.

Add New Link   Openr   Drive traffic from the content you share

Once you have done this, you can share your Openr link as you would normally across all your social media sites. Clicking on the link will take you through to not only the share-worthy article, but the Openr window you have just created.

Every link you create inside of this tool is tracked by their system, giving you real time results on clicks, conversions and social media ROI. You can also improve your conversion rates with their A/B testing and geo-targeting features.

Depending on how you want to use Openr, there is a free plan which will work nicely for a small business. If you are a larger business, there are three other options that could work for you.

If you want to drive traffic from content you share, try Openr to help your business grow online!

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