As I have always said, content is king. It has to be relevant, suitable for your audience and most importantly sharable. Over the years, the way we market our content has changed so to be as up to date as possible, here are 21 new content marketing rules for 2015.

1. Quality is just as important as quantity

2. Quantity still matters

3. Tread carefully with keywords

4. Share your business with other businesses

5. Have a voice customers can identify with

6. Find out what works for you, and stick with it

7. Great content = shareable links

8. Transparency will build trust with your customers

9. Know your biggest competitors

10. Don’t just post… be engaging

11. Use different sources for inspiration

12. Share your ideas in multiple ways

13. Re-use your best content

14. Headlines are crucial

15. Content must be first class

16. Use the news

17. Use one piece of content to promote another

18. Have a content marketing plan

19. Make sure your content is driving sales

20. Always ask for feedback

21. Take your time

How are you planning to content market your business in 2015.

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