Digital marketing is constantly evolving which makes it hard for businesses to keep up to date with the latest tools and tactics. Here are 12 ways in which you can grow your business using the digital marketing tools and tactics.

Content Curation

There are some great content curation tools, like Curata that allows you to fuel your content marketing strategy by knowing how to share your micro and visual content.


Recommendations are so powerful, especially when it comes to using social media. Using social media as a customer engagement tool is the best way to receive recommendations from current customers.

Content Distribution

One of the best tools that can help you distribute your content online, at your own convenience is Hootsuite. I am a huge advocate of Hootsuite and it is a great tool not only for distribution, but also time saving.


SEO is so important for your business online and without knowing the right keywords for your business, you will be missing out on potential customers. Use Google’s Keyword Planner tool to find out what works for you.


Knowing how well your marketing is performing will give you indications to what is working and what isn’t. Use Google Analytics to give you an overview of how your customers are interacting with you online.

User Engagement

How are you engaging with your customers online? Make sure you are using all the social media platforms relevant to your business. Don’t know which social networks to use? Read my blog on deciding which network will work for you here.

Conversion Optimisation

Knowing where your conversions are coming from online are crucial for increasing sales. Optimizely is a great tool for you to use to optimise your conversions.

Wearable: Virtual Reality

New to the digital sphere are wearable technologies that create a virtual reality. Google Glass and Apple Watch Apps are brilliant but costly. Don’t forget to take a look at Facebook Oculus Rift.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing has really evolved over the last few years and with the likes of Swipely and even Facebook along with other social networks embracing the world of marketing through mobile.

Paid Search

Google Adwords and social media PPC campaigns are the way forward when it comes to using paid advertising to boost your online sales.

Affiliate Marketing

There are so many great affiliate marketing companies out there that will help you build a great affiliate programme to drive more traffic to your website including Affiliate Window and Click Bank.

Online Communities

Building your online community will increase online sales and engagement by just connecting with your customers where they are most likely to engage. Social media is the most effective place to build online communities.

How are you using digital marketing tools to grow your business?

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