Why does Facebook hate me?

Well, the hate might be a little strong. As part of my marketing strategy, I make sure my LinkedIn profile is optimised with goals I want to achieve. Because of this, I was contacted in 2012 by a booking agent to be a keynote speaker at Romania’s very 1st Internet & Mobile World. Two years later they have booked me again for the 3rd year in a row with the added value of delivering a “C” level workshop.

Internet and Mobile World is a great trade show and offers visitors the chance to learn from 30 international keynote speaks with over 100 proven case studies. Professional advice is offered by over 110 influential exhibitors and you have the chance to network with around 6,500 business visitors over the two day event taking place on the 8th-9th October. To see last year’s event on video, featuring my seminar, click here and see here for my 2013 presentation on Creating Human Value Online to Drive Sales.

If you know me personally, you will know I work hard and play hard and the guys at IMW put on one of the best after parties on the 1st day, meaning that some of the second day speakers are a little worse for wear. So when they asked me to speak on the 2nd day, you can imagine how I felt, knowing I also give 100% with making sure my presentation is relevant to the audience and prepare to make sure my 30 minutes are information and value packed.

Because of this, I kindly asked to speak on day one. I was told day one is when Facebook are speaking and did not want to dilute either presentation because they felt we both had real value to give. So I asked again can you move things around so I can speak? A few days later they informed me, that they have moved Facebook, so I can be the keynote speaker on day one. Whilst I was very happy about that outcome, I’m not sure Facebook see it that way.

Why does Google Love me?

The reason why I got into social media was because of an influencer talking about a campaign back in 2007. At that moment, I realised that the power of building relationships with influencers would result in amazing things happening.

I’ve spent the last 12 months helping companies grow their business by designing a digital marketing strategy for lead generation and sales, with the focus on building great relationships with channel partners (people/organisations that have your target audience). When you have something important to say, you can utilise those relations to amplify your message.

I’m a guest contributor to many online content platforms and one of them is Business 2 Community. My latest article on B2C was 7 Must have Google Analytics Dashboards for Ecommerce & Social Media.

Google being Google, found my article and decided to thank me for writing a great article, promoting their Google Analytics tool which they then published across multiple social networks.

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