Dashboards for the sake of eCommerce are crucial to understand where you are getting sales, conversions and hits and where you need to improve. Without knowing this, as a business, you cannot improve your marketing strategy. Here are 7 must have Google Analytic dashboards to help you with your eCommerce.

  1. Social Media Analytics Dashboard

The social media analytics dashboard that you can integrate into your already working google analytics allows you to easily assess how well your social media activity is converting for your business. This is a dashboard I have used for a long time and always offer to my seminar attendees when I speak at a trade show or event.

  1. Perfect Dashboard by Portent

If you want to look at your revenue, pageviews, visits and sales in a key way, this dashboard is perfect for you (pardon the pun). Portent have also given users the chance to see a channel-referral pie chart and will categorise all of the above based on number of pageviews and average time on site.

  1. Adwords Performance Snapshot

If you are running Google Adword campaigns for your business, this tool will give you a review of the performance of each ad you’re running. All key metrics are included along with the likes of traffic metrics so you can quickly analyse your ads and see where you need to improve.

  1. Email Dashboard by Blast Analytics & Marketing

Email marketing is so important for your business and if you don’t analyse click through rate, bounce rate and website visits from email marketing, you won’t be able to get the most out of your list. With this tool, you can track all of the metrics you need to know for email marketing.

  1. Engagement, Loyalty, and Traffic Growth Dashboard, by Cemal Buyukgokcesu

If you want to see how your engagement is performing online from all devices, including tablet and mobile then use this tool. You can see your pageviews, repeat visitors, pages more session, bounce rate and the most engaging traffic sources. Loyalty should be at the top of your list as a business and this tool will help you boost your online credibility and increase loyalty with new and returning customers.

  1. 70 Facts about Visitors, by DashboardJunkie.com/70

In simple terms as the dashboard describes in the title, you will be able to see 70 metrics about the visitors to your site including top 5 countries, top 5 cities your visitors live in, top 10 browsers, top 5 tablet and mobile devices, top 5 language settings and top 10 screen resolutions.

  1. Mobile eCommerce Dashboard by Justin Cutroni

A dashboard specific to mobile and tablet commerce in detail is important to understand your customers coming to your site via mobile devices. Bounce rate, mobile content, social action, mobile revenue and average order value are among the great metrics when using this dashboard created by Justin Cutroni.

What is your favourite analytic dashboard to boost your eCommerce activity?

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