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If Facebook were still in college, it would be that friend that could never settle on a major. Switching every semester. Facebook is consistently changing things up on us marketers, for better or worse.

I hesitate to say this, but it looks like Facebook may have finally found a major it could stick to. Last month Facebook pages went through big changes. Many of which were long requested from businesses and well received – definitely a change for the dominant social network.

One change that caught many by surprise and has made a big visual impact on Facebook pages was the new photo strip.

The current photo strip for the Social Fresh Facebook page looks like this:

Social Fresh Facebook page photo strip

Not too many businesses are actively using the photo strip in any way. The default view are your most recent 5 photos. But there is an opportunity to do much more with a little creativity and work.

We wanted to highlight some of the companies that are already taking advantage of this feature and let you in on the technical details for creating a branded photo strip on your own Facebook Page.

How To Create A Branded Facebook Page Photo Strip

These are some simple steps and rules to follow to create your own simply branded photo strip:

1. Image Choice: Decide on 5 images that work in random order. The key difference between personal profile photo strips and the ones on your Facebook page is you cannot change the order.

2. Image Size: These images are horizontal and scaled to 97 X 68 pixels. So either create them at that size or make sure they scale and crop well at that size.

3. Create Photo Album: Create an image album specifically for your photo strip to keep them separate from other content.

4. Upload Images: Add your 5 images here, upload them, and they will automatically load into your photo strip as the most recent uploads. Decide whether you want to publish the images or not for fans to comment on the update.

5. Upkeep Images: Keep it clean. When you add other images to the wall or other photo albums, you will need to X out those images to bring all 5 photo strip images back into view.

35 Creative Facebook Page Photo Strips

And now for a few great examples.

1. Pringles

Pringles is first for a reason. This is probably one of the best photo strip executions I have seen. The product is there. The branding is consistent. And

Pringles Facebook photo strip

2. Oreo

Oreo Facebook photo strip

3. Toys-r-us

Playful, fun and full of sunshine.

Toys-r-us Facebook photo strip

4. The Daily Show

It’s a real news show, with attitude, and jokes.

The Daily Show Facebook photo strip

5. How I Met Your Mother

Lot’s of TV shows, especially cartoons, are using the photo strip to display characters, but not many have framed them as well as How I Met Your Mother.

How I Met Your Mother Facebook photo strip

6. Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie sells clothes. I swear.

Abercrombie & Fitch Facebook photo strip

7. Calvin Klein

Half naked photos of young models in black and white. Not even sure the ck logo was needed, but the branding definitely is there.

Calvin Klein Facebook photo strip

8. Gap

Fall… in… to… the… Gap’s neutral colored clothing.

Gap Facebook photo strip

9. Target

Why not get some branding AND some useful hypnotizing done all at once?

Target Facebook photo strip

10. GMC

This page just spills Big Manly Truck all over your browser.

GMC Facebook photo strip

11. Victoria’s Secret

Sexy? Yes. Of course, it is a lingerie brand. But the images they use also echos a little fun and attitude, even more so with the “Hi Georgeous!” text.

Victoria's Secret Facebook photo strip

12. Microsoft Office

While the “customer” featured in the profile photo looks bored out of her mind, the photo strip features the Office product brands clearly and reminds you what Office can do.

Microsoft Office Facebook photo strip

13. Redbox

Big geek points for featuring Tron, but, in general, featuring current products labeled as “new releases” works well.

Redbox Facebook photo strip

14. Buick

Some really nice living photos here. They are just great creative images that have life in them.

Buick Facebook photo strip

15. Tide

All branding, all Tide.

Tide Facebook photo strip

16. Lexus

This page whispers style, class, and a quietly powerful vehicle.

Lexus Facebook photo strip

17. Verizon

Simple photos of products and features.

Verizon Facebook photo strip

18. Chevrolet

Some of the best product shots I have seen in the photo strip were the Chevrolet examples below. Consistent, well framed, and clear labels of their current product line.

Chevrolet Facebook photo strip

19. AT&T

Simple white background product shots that also echo the AT&T branding.

AT&T Facebook photo strip

20. Kohl’s

Lots of lifestyle love here, strong brand commercial images that fit well in the photo strip.

Kohls Facebook photo strip

21. Mitt Romney

The branding does not necessarily beg for any awards, but the reminders of Twitter, Youtube, and Mobile are unique. Plus a photo of Romney celebrating 800,000 fans.

Mitt Romney Facebook photo strip

22. M&M’s

Hello brand characters, so cute… cute enough to eat some might say.

M&M's Facebook photo strip

23. BMW

Epic product images here. Buy a BMW and get your futuristic luxury machine.

BMW Facebook photo strip

24. Windows Phone

Simple Windows products, cool icons, show the full Windows ecosystem.

Windows Phone Facebook photo strip

25. Apple App Store

Featuring popular products is a simple and great use of the photo strip.

Apple App Store Facebook photo strip

26. Old Navy

Simple, fun images from Old Navy commercials.

Old Navy Facebook photo strip

27. Snickers

They are definitely going for “good enough to eat” here. Love the clear spotlight on their new product with plenty of tasty, branded images framed well for the photo strip.

Snickers Facebook photo strip

28. Mike Huckabee

I can’t say the branding is much to look at, but the effort and message is there, along with a call to action.

Mike Huckabee Facebook photo strip

29. Volkswagen

Beep beep. Classic and modern product photos of a classic brand.

Volkswagen Facebook photo strip

30. Rosetta Stone

Simple international faces “speak” to the brand’s purpose well. Buy our product and know what the heck you are saying when you travel the world.

Rosetta Stone Facebook photo strip

31. Hubspot

Not much branding effort here, but their consistently horizontal graphs show up well and represent the company and their wealth of data well.

Hubspot Facebook photo strip

32. Laughing Cow Cheese

Simple photos of recipes using their products. For people looking to eat healthier, this is exactly what they are after.

Laughing Cow Cheese Facebook photo strip

33. Footlocker

Shoes, shoes, shoes. The cool part is the profile photos and photo strip photos all change to feature current products in their stores.

Footlocker Facebook photo strip

34. Bob Marley

We’re Jammin’.

Bob Marley Facebook photo strip

35. McDonald’s

McDonald’s decides to focus on the toppings for the burger instead of the burger itself.

McDonalds Facebook photo strip

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