Did you know that only a mere 5% of your Twitter audience is estimated to see your posts?

As an online influencer, I do get recognised and winner “awards” based on the content I create, my work with businesses and my presence as a Social Media expert and marketing influencer.

I have previously been recognised as a top 3 Digital Marketing influencer, top SME coach, 15th most influential marketer, best business blog and more.

I am proud to be one of the top 100 global marketing influencers in the world, based on a report created by Brand24.

Brand24 is an online tool that will give you an effective method of monitoring your brand or product on the internet. They conducted a study based on 2 million online mentions and more than 4.5 million interactions over an 11-week period between 2016-2017.

The data they collected helped find the top marketing influencer followed by 99 other marketers online that were engaging with their audience. This is what Brand24 had to say.

“The Top 100 Marketing Influencers 2017 is our numbers-driven homage to some of the most inspiring leaders in the industry. The ranking is based on each Influencer’s total number of mentions over an 11-week period.”

How They Conducted The Study

They based the study on each marketing influencer and their total number of mentions. They assigned keywords to each marketing Influencer; their names and Twitter handles were the obvious choices. They monitored these keywords for a period of 11 consecutive weeks (Nov 2016 – Jan 2017), following all relevant mentions in social media, on discussion forums, and on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Using the same keywords, they were also able to determine which top 100 Influencers had the most engaged audiences. They did this by tracking each ‘like’, share, and comment for all relevant mentions.

I am very excited to say that statistics show me as one of the top 100 marketing influencers. I am joined on this list with a number of friends, and influencers who I look up to including Tim Ferriss, Grant Cardone, Larry Kim, Neil Patel, Jeff Bullas, Guy Kawasaki, Lilach Bullock, Neal Schaffer and Mari Smith.

This is an amazing achievement to be in the mix with so many amazing online influencers and it’s all thanks to the engagement I get from YOU, as my audience. Achievements like this make all the hard work worth it in the end. If you would like to see the report for yourself, you can do so here.

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