Did you know that 83% of customers will need support at some point during their purchase journey?

Having started, and run many SME businesses in the last 20+ years and more recently two IT companies, I have learnt a lot of lessons and wanted to share them with you. Growing a business and making it a success is what is most important for small businesses in such a competitive market. Regardless of whether you are running your business with a team or on your own the same rules apply. You don’t have to be the next Google to be successful, you just need to know what works and what doesn’t.

My SME download is for you if;

  • You are a startup/SME (small business)
  • Have less than 10 employees
  • Turn over no more than £1M yearly
  • Need help growing your small business
  • Have found it difficult to increase sales online
  • Want to make a difference with your business and are passionate about succeeding
  • You need guidance/assistance on what to avoid as a small business in the 21st century.

There are 100’s of mistakes businesses make every second worldwide however there are some which are more costly than others and also very easy to avoid. After extensive research, I have found the 10 biggest mistakes SME’s make, and how to avoid them.

This guide is all about breaking old habits, and building new ones in the 21st century. Learning how-to market your small business is key, and this guide will give you a head start over your competitors by understanding what DOESN’T work.

This 10 page, fact-packed guide will cover everything from the importance of target market research, budgeting, strategising to analysis and customer service.

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