Did you know: 1 in 5 small business owners do not plan on using a Digital Marketing Strategy in 2017?

Regardless of whether you are selling B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer), understanding how to design a Digital Marketing Strategy is key when it comes to launching a new business, or launching a new product/service within an existing business.

My work as a business growth expert is to demystify the digital world, and give you the advice, and tools you need to use to have a successful, socially-savvy business. The good news is that there is a WINNING formula for you to be successful, which requires you to use different online marketing avenues to promote your product/service.

When looking to launch a new product/service an old mentor of mine always used to say “intelligence high, emotions low”. In other words, if the product is ready to be marketed, and you emotionally are excited about launching it the intelligent thing to do is wait until you can generate such a buzz around the product/service ultimately resulting in far better Key Performance Indicators (whatever KPI’s are important to you). My KPI’s around my recent Digital Marketing Campaign were to generate new leads and new paying customers.

I would love to share with you the success I have had with launching a recent product that generated 953 leads, 5 figure profit in less than 4 weeks. Here is my winning strategy for pre, during and post product launch that gets me a great return on my investment (ROI). Here is how to design a Digital Marketing Strategy.


You are getting ready to launch a new product/service, and there are 5 Top Tips for you to consider at this stage when looking at how to design a Digital Marketing strategy.

1. Channel Partners

Who have you got around you that can amplify your message to your target audience? I have various partners who I work with that have my target audience, but their product/service does not compete with what I am offering. This means we can work together to offer their audience something of value.

2. Your Team

Your team must be ready. They need to know the content that has to be created so that when you come to your Digital Marketing aspect, everything is ready to go.

3. Checklist

You will have to make sure all of the physical, and digital ways of people being able to find out more about your product/service and pay for it have been covered. For me, this includes setting up landing pages, getting my content ready to deliver at talls, and have the payment process ready to take payments.

4. Schedule Your Content

Get all of your social media activity ready to share with your audience. You will also need to work with your TEAM to get all email content including blasts, and newsletters ready to go out to your audience.

5. Get YOURSELF Ready

On the day of delivering a presentation where I am spreading the word about my new product/service, I will always turn up early, prepared and ready to deliver my presentation. The same will apply to when I deliver a webinar. Be present, and be ready to deliver your online, and offline marketing strategy.


At this point, it’s all hands on deck. Get ready to engage with your audience who are ready to buy, and preempt the usual questions of “how do I do this?” or “where can I find…”. Your team should already be briefed in what to expect at this stage.

This is all about providing a great customer service that will give your audience trust in your brand. There is always a chance something might go wrong so make sure you are ready for this, and have a solution in place.

To help you with this, think about what worked and didn’t work for you in the past, and go and do some research how other experts in your industry have done it successfully.


You have happy customers who are enjoying your product/service. The work does not stop here. You will have to implement your customer retention strategy to re-engage with your customers so that they know you are there, build trust and encourage future sales.

With everyone that did buy the product, make sure you send out a survey to get feedback so you can improve your offering for the next time, as well as getting recommendations/referrals which can be leveraged for your next launch.

It is important that you do not cut corners. For example, I will write content, talk about my webinar and then upsell the product on the webinar. Trust has to be built and taking someone from reading your content to spending their money without a middle offering will not work.


Have you read the above content and still not sure how to design a Digital Marketing strategy that can work for your business?

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