You might look at the title of this blog and think wow, really? Yes really. I am writing this blog without actually writing it. I bet you’re wondering how. Keep reading to find out how to write your blog without writing it.

There are two types of people; those who prefer to speak out loud about their ideas, and those who would rather write them down. I find that I am more creative when I am discussing ideas with family and friends in a conversation and find it hard to take what I say, and write it down. After being introduced to a new tool that has shown up in Google Docs, I no longer have to worry about this, and neither do you.

Firstly, if you aren’t already using Google Docs, I highly recommend that you do. Using their word documents and spreadsheets has changed the way I work with my employees. We can now work in the same document at the same time, and resolve any issues. All of the documents you work on inside of Google Drive save automatically after every single word you type, so you don’t have to worry about hitting the save button every 5 minutes. They are also saved in the cloud, and don’t take up any necessary space on your laptop or computer.

So, how did I write this blog, without actually writing it? By using Google Drives’ “voice typing” software. If you click on “tools” from the top left of the document just below the title of your document, select “voice typing” and follow the steps to have it installed.

It is a great tool for someone like me who does talk a lot, and finds it easier to speak, than to write my thoughts down on a piece of paper. It isn’t always the most accurate as it can mishear words however, have patience and give it a go.

Another reason why I have fallen in love with this tool, separate from an article writing perspective is to have a google document open whilst I am having a meeting with a client. This allows me to record and have written down every important piece of information that myself, or my client may forget to address at a later date. It also means that myself and my client can be more focused on the business growth front, as opposed to worrying about taking notes during a meeting.

I’m sure there are a lot of similar tools out there, but it is not something I have considered using because it wasn’t easily accessible. Now it is, especially if you use Google Drive.

Have you used the “voice typing” tool before and if yes, what did you think of it?

This article has been written using the “voice typing” software.

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